MAY TUNES…even though it’s June

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So I love making lists, and in my planner one of my favourite lists is the list of music I’m frequently listening through during the month. I know its already the end of June, but I thought I’d include my list of music from May. There’s quite a few songs, so I might as well get into it.

Never Enough – One Direction: Maybe it was the resurrection of Harry Styles and the release of his new album, or the live performances by Niall Horan and the upcoming work from Liam Payne, but I returned to my old One Direction playlist, and this song was amongst the most played during May. It’s vastly different to anything on the radio at the moment, which makes me wonder what they’d be releasing if they were still together. They were due back this month, which they clearly aren’t and I’ve come to the conclusion that we were lied to. And I don’t really mind.

Passionfruit – Drake: I’m just a sucker for a good Drake song to be frank. Most of the time I don’t know the words completely and I can’t sing them word for word but if the chorus is catchy enough to stick in my head for a whole week then it deserves a spot in my May tunes.

Put Your Records On – Corrine Bailey Ray: You have to know this song. Everyone knows this song, and if you don’t, I suggest you have a listen. One of my best friends suggested it as a cover for me to sing myself, and after one sing through I was obsessed with it all over again.

Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash: I don’t even know where the love of this song during May came from, but I wasn’t mad about it. It’s such a good song to play on the guitar.

Olivia – One Direction: Another song by the lads, this one kind of gives me Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feels and I’m not sure why.

Sweet Creature – Harry Styles: Harry Styles blessed us all when he released this as a single. It did not disappoint and I actually like this one more than Sign Of The Times.

Idle Town – Conan Gray: Rest assured, I will be doing a whole seperate blog post about the phenomenon that is Conan Gray. I believe this boy is so under-appreciated, and as his first song released anywhere other than his amazing YouTube channel, this one hits the mark perfectly and encompasses what Conan is all about. Nostalgia, memories, pastel and angelic harmonies.

Bibia Be Ye Ye – Ed Sheeran: I’m going to Ed’s concert next year, and this is the one song I’m looking forward to the most. It’s just such a happy song, you can’t help but sing along even if the main title lyrics aren’t even in English. It’s amazing.

Humble – Kendrick Lamar: I will admit. This is a fantastic song. But it isn’t my favourite Kendrick song. I think I listened to this song so much just because of how widespread it’s reach was in my life personally. It was everywhere, so I was pretty caught up in the hype.

Daddy Lessons – Beyonce: To this day, this is one of my favourite Bey songs ever. Ever. It’s so good and so under-appreciated. It’s catchy, and the lyrics are punchy and impactful. I love it. Listen to it. Please.

Still Got Time – Zayn, PartyNextDoor: I love this track. Still. It may make it onto my June Tunes. It’s such a good song to dance to, and the words are actually beautiful. If you ignore the hypnotic beat and rhythm, and listen to the words, they’re really cute and I love them. Good on Zayn.

Slow Hands – Niall Horan: Ah, my favourite since 2010. I was so happy when Niall released This Town, but Slow Hands takes the cake. And he performs it live just as perfectly??? I don’t know what it is about this song, but it was so unexpected from Horan that it made it ten times better.

Ruin – Shawn Mendes: This is my favourite song of Shawn’s. More so than any of his songs that are played on the radio. The guitar is quite similar to Dive by Ed Sheeran and it makes sense that they’re both one of my favourite songs from the artists. Shawn kills it with the vocals on this song, and it’s such a beautifully painful song to listen to. Recommend with headphones. Quite loud too.

Kiwi – Harry Styles: Will definitely do a seperate post about this song, but it can’t not be featured on this list. Every day. Played at least once. The lyrics are questionable at first, (Harry opened up about how it was all one big joke to begin with) but eventually I stopped caring and now religiously belt the words whenever it plays. Also, air guitar? This song? 10/10, would recommend.

From The Dining Table – Harry Styles: One of the more sadder songs on the self titled album, it’s pretty haunting. And I loved it. I still do.

Carolina – Harry Styles: Is it the lead guitar that got me hooked? Was it Harry asking an audience in New York to sing along the first time they heard this song? Is it the video footage of Harry and the producers banging around pots and pans to get the percussions in the recording studio? I couldn’t tell you, but all of that combines to create my appreciation for this song.

Electric – Alina Bardz ft Khalid: I found this song while watching a dance video from the popular Millennium Dance Studio, choreographed by Jake Kodish. Jake is pretty popular for his unique song choices and this was no different. Despite the song in the video being a splice of the original and a remix, the original is currently one of my favourites still.

Escalate – Tsar B: Another popular choreographer at Millennium is Alexander Chung, and this song, was made for one of the dancers Jade. Watching her dance to it, and then seeing Alexander eventually meet Tsar B on tour and dance with her on stage, encouraged me to listen to this song over and over again.

Dive – Ed Sheeran: This song is made for dancing to with a partner. Like I don’t know what else you could do with this song. Maybe cry? I don’t know but it’s such a beautiful song and it’s in my Top 3 songs from Ed’s recent album.

Keep On – Kehlani: I’m seeing Kehlani in August, and I am so, so, so excited. She’s a killer. I wish I was as cool as Kehlani, every single day. This song is an anthem for me.

Slide – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos: For me, personally, 2017 so far has been Calvin Harris’ year. Between Slide, Heatstroke and Rollin, he’s killing it, and all of them are amazing. And don’t get me started on Feels. A whole seperate blog post needs to be dedicated to that song, but Slide started off the obsession for me. Frank’s vocals in this are phenomenal and I thank Calvin everyday for featuring Ocean in this track. Do yourself a favour.

Kissing Strangers – DNCE ft Nicki Minaj: I was kind of indifferent to DNCE last year, I appreciated their songs as pretty catchy songs that I could sing along to, but I wasn’t a massive fan. This song, changed that. Admittedly, I came for Nicki’s verse, which she threw down, but I stayed for the funky as heck bass line. All I can do whenever I hear that song is wish I learnt to play the bass so that I didn’t look like a fool pretending to play it alone in my house.

Brand New – Ben Rector: Find this song. Get in your car. Plug in the AUX. Blast it. And drive. That’s all you need to do. It’s honestly so simple. Or. Get a GoPro, book a trip and make an epic travel video with this song in the background. It’s up to you. Either or.


I’m honestly still listening to all of these songs, and a few of them have lead to songs that have places in my June Tunes, so that list will be up pretty soon considering how close July is. In the meantime, let me know if you’re listening to any of these too, and leave any recommendations!











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