All Good, Bad Suns

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You know the songs that you replay over and over again? You can’t seem to get sick of it? It just won’t happen? Yeah? This one.

I have a driving playlist. I have a summer playlist. I have a playlist for gathering with some friends. I have a playlist where I add a song every single day for the whole year. I have a playlist dedicated to songs that deserve to be sung into your hairbrush, and I have a playlist of songs that people need to hear. Violet, by Bad Suns, features in all of them.


It’s a song about a possibly unhealthy relationship, but the song sounds like happiness and sunshine and ice cream on the beach??? It sounds like riding a bike stupidly fast down the road, or driving with all the windows down, ignoring all the hair flying into your mouth. It’s fantastic. You should hear it.

It features on their album Disappear Here, and it is undoubtedly my favourite (though do listen to the whole album), so it’s only fair that I share with you. I didn’t start listening to this band until last year, which is disappointing on my behalf seeing as they formed in 2012, however 2016 was the release of their second album, following Language and Perspective, which was released in 2014.

The same year, they opened for The 1975 (note to self: post for that amazing band too please). Christo Bowman, on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ray Libby on lead guitar, Gavin Bennett on bass and Miles Morris on drums then headlined their own smaller tour, and played at several festivals.


If you’ve listened to The Cure, you may draw some similarities, it’s very in tune with past rock/pop punk sounds. Cardiac Arrest was the first song they released, and it was the song that led me to doing some further investigation. It got me interested. Violet made me stay.

This song is definitely hook-heavy in the sense that every time I listen to it, I found myself waiting for the chorus. I hate running, but the chorus makes me want to sprint and not stop. The bass and drums are amazing in this song, and they’re consistent throughout, so there isn’t a low point as such, the chorus is just ridiculous, encouraged by the funky as drum fill that leads into it. This song is set up perfectly in my mind.

It’s the middle of winter here in Australia, but it may as well be 34 degrees, sunshine and clear skies with this song on repeat as much as it is. Do yourself a favour.



4 thoughts on “All Good, Bad Suns

  1. When I started to read I was like: Violet by the Hole… and than such a surprise. I like the post and thanks for sharing, I will learn more about Bad Suns 🙂


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