I Still Haven’t Watched 13 Reasons Why

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If you’re anywhere right now, you’ve heard of 13 Reasons Why, a TV show on Netflix that became ridiculously popular. Like my stellar Netflix track record proves with Game Of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards or Stranger Things, I haven’t watched a single episode of the show. Yet due to it’s popularity and a vague familiarity with the book, I could give you the general overview of the show. It’s everywhere. But you know what’s also worth talking about? You know what I use to replace the void where 13 Reasons Why should sit?



I still get a dose of Dylan Minnette, but unlike the vast majority, I couldn’t really care for the TV show, though I do suspect that I’ll cave soon and binge watch the entire season. I’m listening to the dude. As well as his band members, Cole Preston, Zach Mendenhall and Braeden Lemasters. You should too.

I can’t remember how I stumbled across the song Pleaser, it may have been on Spotify somewhere. But thank God I did.

Here; not only can you listen to the song, but you can watch them perform the song. Raw as heck, bum chords and all. It’s fantastic.

At first I was shocked. Dylan sings the first verse, and his voice is beyond decent. And then Braeden starts singing, and to be honest, in my opinion…his voice is dope. Especially for the type of style Pleaser goes for. It’s a pretty indie/pop/rock kind of sound, and Braeden’s voice is a killer on this track, it matches perfectly. That said, Dylan’s voice is so strong and I 100% believe that its an incredible track based on merit and performance alone, and not on the fact that Dylan is…very much a big deal at the current moment.

It’s definitely a summer song. I listened to it quite a lot while I was travelling on the road in the USA on a huge tour bus. Snagged myself a window seat and I was good to go. You kind of need a window seat to experience this song to it’s fullest. Or, if you’re into it (????) go for a run with this song. The snare in the drum recording is so present throughout the whole song, and it really drives the whole mix in my opinion. When I first heard the chorus I was a bit confused because there’s this odd fill part that goes out of what is a typical rhythm progression or what you expect it to be, but after a few listens, it’s totally normal to me now. It fits perfectly, and it contributes to the totally raw, energetic sound the Wallows try to achieve.

Thankfully, the dudes are touring a little bit, although they only have this song, and one other, Sun Tan, which I’m not that obsessed about. I’m not making any bets on them coming down to Australia any time soon, but honestly, Pleaser can keep me occupied until then.

The words are pretty sad. Like, this dude is basically contributing to his own rejection and then having to deal with not making the cut. Some real, angsty, emotional stuff. But then…the chorus makes you want to reenact the typical montage in any 90’s-early 2000’s teen movie where the young-in comes home and just raves in their room, jumps on their bed, sings into a hairbrush, the whole shebang.


Or even better, when the main character does the routine of getting ready for school,grabbing some measly breakfast because of course they slept in, and then head to school, which they hate, and there’s a bunch of dudes skating through the gates on boards, and hoards of cliques, and flip phones and then our protagonist gives the camera one final look before heading into homeroom. It’s a pretty cool song.

It makes me think of a mix of the indie pop bands I listen to now, meeting the old bands from when I was a kid like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte and The All American Rejects. It’s a splendid mix I tell you.

Here’s a link to their Bandcamp, where you can literally download Pleaser for free. Or, you could buy it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify, which I’m a huge advocate for.

It’s made it onto my summer playlist, as well as my playlist of music that people should hear. It’s also made it onto my driving playlist, though I’m not too sure that’s a good idea considering how carried away into the music I get when driving sometimes. It’s on there though, and that should tell you something.

Hopefully you give this song a go. I reckon you should. You’d be doing yourself a favour.


4 thoughts on “I Still Haven’t Watched 13 Reasons Why

  1. Omg! I didn’t know he could sing too. When I was watching the series I would always be mesmerized by his deep voice. He’s got a very nice, deep sort of voice for a guy his age and built. Thank you for this post! And YES, you should watch the show.


    • I’ve watched him in a few other movies and I have to agree, his talking voice is sooo smooth, and you can definitely hear it when he sings. No worries! Thank you for reading haha and I’m sure I’ll get around to it at some stage x

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