A Soundtrack? What?

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So for the first time, I’m going to be featuring a soundtrack! To be specific, the soundtrack for the film, Before I Fall, which I watched on the 14 hour plane ride back from the USA to Australia. It was a fantastic movie, music aside. If you have not watched it, I would definitely recommend it.

Besides the amazing cinematography, acting, location (TAKE ME THERE) and overall aesthetic of the movie, what really did capture me, was the soundtrack. It was beautiful. It was funky. It was really diverse and eclectic. Very 80’s. After looking it up, I was really interested in the numerous artists featured, as out of all of them, due to no fault other than my own, I really was only familiar with one, Grimes. Other than that, it was all brand new stuff.

The music in my opinion, was picked perfectly for the film and the feel it was going for. Whoever was in charge of sourcing music, choosing the tracks and pitching for these songs did an amazing job, because the music in the film creates half the story for me. It’s a very dark film, and I think, a totally different soundtrack, it could really change the face of it. I was left with this really, I want to say uplifted feeling, but I know it’s probably not the right word. I felt very light. Like I’d be enlightened. Like my eyes had kind of been open and the whole two hours made so much more sense for me, and I feel like the music contributed to that overall feeling so much. Had it have been a different soundtrack, there is the possibility that it could have turned into a much, much darker film, with a bit more of a morbid final ending. I don’t want to ruin it for you.


That said, my favourite song from this soundtrack, is Skeletons, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s beautiful, and it’s totally fitting for one of the most crucial parts of the film. A scene that could be so frantic and energetic and somewhat critical, comes off as ethereal, and magical and almost dream-like because of this music.

That said, Water Water by Empress Of is a stark contrast to Skeletons, yet it’s played in an almost exact same situation. It flips the vibe on its head, but somehow manages to retain that dream-like state of the scene. The music in this film amazed me, have a listen.

I continued to listen to this track list after I returned home, and it stuck in my head for ages. That said, the film overall stayed with me for a long time after getting off the plane, so it makes sense that the soundtrack is one I’ve saved for myself. Songs from the soundtrack have also managed to make it onto my own personal playlists, especially my driving playlist, which is ironic, and I won’t say why because I don’t want to be attacked for spoiling it. If you have seen the film, you know why putting any of these songs onto that playlist is…an interesting choice. But I can honestly imagine myself driving to these songs at any time of any day. Winter, summer, autumn, spring. Daytime, night-time, by the beach or in the middle of the city. These aren’t conventional, stereotypical ‘driving’ songs, they aren’t what you’d expect, but they work. Boy, do they work.

I think it’s a beautiful soundtrack. There are so many movies out there, like Before I Fall, that feature such amazing works of music. Music can ultimately make or break a scene. Music contributes to some of the most iconic cinematic moments we know and love, and I really honestly believe that cinema soundtracks deserve so much more recognition, especially the artists who contribute their music to the screen. It’s definitely a big risk to take, and a lot of the time these films would fall flat on their face without the songs behind them.

But, that’s my opinion.


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