Shuffle Beautiful Shuffle

So I decided to fall victim to the age old game of pressing shuffle and seeing what comes up, then letting you funky people know. Hopefully you find me interesting as a result!

The music that I’ll be shuffling through is from one of my favourite playlists on my Spotify account, my 365 playlist where I attempt to add a song each day for a year, in accordance with what happened that day,  a song I loved that day, a film I watched, something that impacted me during those 24 hours etc. Attempt is the key word. There have been days where I’ve had to add up to seven or eight songs in one night to make up for forgetfulness or the overall lazy  attitude to starting something and rarely ever finishing it properly.

But, ramblings aside, here’s a shuffle. *pretends to shuffle deck of cards for artistic flair*

1. The City – The 1975: I was pretty late to The 1975 party, but here I am, admittedly thoroughly enjoying their tunes.

2. I Wanna Get Lost With You – Stereophonics: I couldn’t really tell you why this song is here, but I guess it is.

3. Swalla – Jason Derulo ft Nicki Minaj: We already know how much I love this song, I will never be too mad to hear it, it’s such a track, and I’ll dance to this at my funeral.

4. u and ur smile – big wave + carter: for a short time, I got really, really, heavily into jazz hop which is like, really funky jazz with a dope hip hop beat. For four days straight it was all I listened to. Now I dabble and appreciate, but this song is so cool.

5. Uber – Litek, Tom Zanetti, Curtis Clacey: Interesting origins this one. The British Olympian Nile Wilson has a YouTube channel, it’s fantastic and you should definitely check it out, if not for the athleticism but for the banter and his hilarious family. But he made an intro with one of Tom’s songs, so I went and had a look at his Spotify page and found this banger.

6. Man Like You – Patrick Watson: I had heard this song before, but I watched Tom Misch do a cover of it on the Colours YouTube page, and he killed it, so I had to find the original again. It’s such a beautiful song. Beautiful.

7. Take It Easy – Eagles: This is a cute story. My best friend and I were in Hawaii in January as like a ‘schoolies’ trip after finishing high school and in the middle of the mall this group were singing the song, and me and this guy walked past each other singing it then both freaked out that someone else our age was singing it and turned around and yelled it back to each other.

8. September – Earth, Wind & Fire: Surely you expected this?

9. do re mi – blackbear: Slowly coming to regret not buying his $60 tickets when I had the chance, because now I’m broke.

10. Way Back – TLC, Snoop Dogg: I’m still not sure how I feel about this ‘comeback’. It’s a cool enough song, but I haven’t listened to it properly enough to form a good opinion on it. I can groove with it though.

11. Escalate – Tsar B: This is such a unique song, and I’ve vibe’d with it ever since Alexander from Millennium Dance Studio choreographed a killer combo to it.

12. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman – Bryan Adams: I have a secret love for Bryan Adams, and this is probably my favourite song by the dude, ever. The guitar, the words, the harmonies. It’s so beautiful.

13. Strip That Down – Liam Payne ft Quavo: MA BOY.

14. 10K Hours – James TW: This kid is so underrated, have a listen to his stuff.

15. All Night – Chance The Rapper: This song is ultimately my favourite Chance song, by far. Just because the groovy tamborine and how chill he sounds in it.

16. Don’t You Worry About A Thing – Tori Kelly: Despite how friggin fantASTIC Tori Kelly is, I definitely added this song the day I watched Sing! – the most amazing animated movie about a tale quest with animals ever!!!

17. Bad Liar – Selena Gomez: This song is fantastic. Like, my dad told me to listen to this song when it was released, unaware that I was already eagerly awaiting it. Such a tune. I’m loving Selena’s sound.

18. Clean Up Woman – Betty Wright: I do enjoy myself some throwbacks. Like throw-way-backs. This is one of them,

19. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See – Busta Rhymes: Every time I go out with my friends I hold off on playing it at our pre’s because I know none of my friends mess with this music. Then we go to a nightclub. I grab a drink and wait through all the ‘filler’ music until some really heavy music comes up. And the whole night, I wait in anticipation. Maybe. Maybe tonight will be the night. This DJ might be the one. Maybe he’ll play me my Busta.

19. How Far I’ll Go – Alessia Cara: Now you’d probably guess. ‘Oh girl. You watched the movie and added it to your playlist straight away right?’. Wrong. I literally only watched the film this month on the plane ride home but I’ve had this song in my playlist since February. Specifically the Alessia version.

20. Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis: Boy, oh boy, oh boy. This song. This song does it for me. If you don’t sing along to the intro, you probably do and you’re just unaware of your mouth moving along to the words. It’s fine.

I feel like 20 is a final enough number to finish on, so I hoped you enjoyed this post, a bit of a personal one, a delve into my shuffles I guess. If you like any of these songs let me know and we can totally chat in the comments! Even better, give me a few of your shuffles.




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