So let’s dive into what’s happened this year for me…gig wise.

So this is a funny story. I really like Adele. She’s fantastic. I enjoy her music. But not to the point where I was about to sit in front of my laptop minutes before her concert tickets went on sale. Then one Saturday I was at work, when my family group chat went off. My aunt literally offered to buy my cousin and I Adele tickets so she’d have someone to go with. She’s a legend. Obviously we offered to pay her back, but it ended up being an early birthday present for the year. I was pretty chuffed with that. In the end, my aunty, three of my cousins and my mum and I all ended up seeing Adele in March, and I’m really thankful to my aunty for paying for those tickets, because she was amazing. We basically bought tickets for a concert and a comedy show because that woman was hilarious.

Ahhh April. It was a fun month. I saw Gretta. Like, delicious burger, amazing cider, front row for Gretta Ray. It was such an amazing show, but you already know about that. If you don’t, you should probably read my post all about Gretta and how amazing the experience was.

I’m so excited for the upcoming month. It’s so close. In August I get to see one of my favourite female singers ever, Kehlani. I am in awe of that woman and how much she kills it. She can do no wrong. But, kicking off the month on the 5th, is another gig at my beloved Howler here in Melbourne, to see Dean Lewis. I cannot wait. You can bet you’ll be getting a post about that as well! Plus, peep ya gal’s 19th birthday 😉

I know this makes no sense to include since this is meant to be a yearly overview and these are very much next year, but I booked them this year so…surely they count?

Bruno Mars! I’ve been waiting to see him, and my dad managed to snag a bunch of general access floor tickets from work. I had already bought two with my own money, up in the stands which I promptly sold to some lovely sisters a few hours away from me. I’m so excited though.

Ed Sheeran. Ever since I saw him in 2015, I vowed that I would definitely be at his concert the next time he came. And I honestly thought we’d missed out on tickets when my two best friends and I all failed to bring up tickets. But then he announced another concert and each of us were able to secure single tickets in the general admission (mosh) section, so all was good and I was chuffed.

Harry Styles. Yup. After the pain that was his one night, 1500-seating concert announcement, which failed to provide tickets for the rest of the Melbourne population wanting to go, the man thankfully announced another tour later in the year. I had that ticket page open for three days I tell you. And I got two tickets straight away…that TIMED OUT. I don’t even know what happened, but I had pressed purchase, and in the ten seconds that it took for my internet to load through the purchase, the website timed out. Somehow, somehow, I managed to wait in the queue for literally thirty seconds, before I was able to get another two tickets up in the stands, which I promptly bought while screeching over the phone to my best friend who was on speaker throughout the ordeal.


So that’s what I have planned so far. So far. I unfortunately was not able to make it to Splendour In The Grass in Byron…due to insufficient funds. But I’m not too mad about that. I’m definitely looking forward to all these shows and maybe a few more? We’ll see.



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