July Tunes

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Ah it’s that time of the month. The end. Meaning; you folks get your monthly fill of tunes that I was listening to throughout July. Be warned: there are repeats.

Firefly – Mura Masa: Hopefully you’ve heard of Mura Masa, but if you haven’t, you have now. This song is amazing. It’s really a feel-good type of song, and it was a great tune to listen to while on the long bus trip I was on, which I’m sure you guys are over hearing about by now. Whatever synth they’ve used that carry on throughout the song is definitely my favourite part of the song, apart from the drops that happen when you least expect them to.

Simplify – Siroj ft Jalise Romy: This was definitely a new song for me. I think the first time I heard it I added it to my travel playlist as well as my tunes for the month. It’s great song to dance to. Also wouldn’t be too bad at the gym.

You Can Count On Me – Ansel Elgort ft Logic: I reckon Ansel Elgort should receive so much more than he does for his music. Not only is he a great DJ and producer, but the guy has amazing pipes. I was fist-pumping so hard when James Corden did the Sing Off and he was able to show everyone how amazing his voice is.

Same Same – Waax: I feel like if I was ever really really mad this is the song I’d want to play in the movie soundtrack about my life. It’s such a tune. Also, the lead singer sounds so nostalgic, her voice is killer on this track. It’s a great song to sing along to, which I was nearly caught doing, several times. Jump on your bed, listen with headphones.

Alaska – Maggie Rogers: Maggie has a voice of magic. This song is incredible. Hopefully you’ve heard of it. It’s like butter. The transitions between the different parts of the song are so smooth, and the percussion that lies beneath it is so consistent throughout, 10/10. There’s also an acoustic version, if you really want to truly appreciate this girls voice.

You Make It Real – James Morrison: Just like your mum, I have a deep appreciation for James Morrison. I don’t know if its the really soft humming he pulls off right at the beginning of the track, or just the general contrast between how smooth, yet raspy and husky his voice is, but this song is definitely one of my faves by Morrison.

Just For You – Deach ft Ria and Ezra James: Oh my goodness. Holy moly. This song. At first, when it’s just Ria and the guitar I thought I’d be diving way back to my childhood, with some old school rnb, but then the piano and the drums come in, and it’s like J Boog jumped on this track and sprinkled some island magic throughout it. If you don’t know, I’m a huge reggae fan, and the vibe Deach brings to the song, combined with Ria and Ezra’s smooth as heck vocal performance make it the perfect combination of reggae, hip hop, rnb and soul for me. It’s amazing. Probably my favourite on this list. If you listen to any of these songs, please listen to this one.

Ellie Grab Your Gun – Matt Willis: Am I allowed to have two favourites on this list? Because, they’re two completely different songs, like polar opposites. This song, is to date, one of the saddest songs I have ever listened to, yet I still put myself through the experience whenever I hear this song, and I never have any regrets. It’s so beautiful.

Telepathy – Christina Aguilera: Not only was The Get Down an amazing TV show, (that never deserved the injustice Netflix stupidly served it) but it also had a killer soundtrack, including this amazing song by the queen. This is one of the singers I looked up to as a kid. It didn’t matter if it was impossible to sing, Lady Marmalade was my jam, and anything Christina touched was next on my list to learn. Eighteen years old and nothing has changed. This song is my favourite from the whole soundtrack, (sorry Zayn). But this song is golden. Like it sounds like actual gold.

Lights Down Low – MAX: You may know him as Max Schneider from YouTube, popular with his brother Hugo, or his short appearance in an original Disney Channel movie, but I love MAX for this song. This song is beautifully sad, but do yourself a favour, and listen to the Not Your Dope Remix. It completely changes the song, but so respectfully. Which is incredibly important for me. It’s a tune.

Father, Father – Jay Prince: I love gospel music. Some of my closest friends are gospel singers and I hold my breath whenever they sing. If I could sing gospel and do it justice, I probably wouldn’t do anything else. This song brings that all out of me, specifically for the sample of the gospel choir Jay has used to lay underneath the whole song. That, combined with a really sick beat and a great rap over the top,  is why this song makes the cut on my monthly favourites.

Do What You Want – High Tyde: This is another song that requires jumping on a bed with your headphones on. The drums on this song are amazing, but it’s the guitar through the chorus that really carries this song for me. Listen and you’ll agree. No doubt.

Pleaser – Wallows: Love 13 Reasons Why? Appreciate amazing music? Read my post all about this song, here.

I Built A Friend – Alec Benjamin: Do not, and I mean do not, listen to this song while driving on the road, looking out the window. Unless you want to become a sobbing mess like I was so close to, I would highly advise against it.

Get Low – Zedd, Liam Payne: I’m a huge fan of Zedd. And I’m ever so proud that he reached out to my boy Liam for this song, because his vocals match Zedd’s vibe incredibly well. This song is quite risqué, obviously something to expect from Payne now, and I love it.

iSpy – Kyle: Initially, Doubt It was my favourite by the Kyle, but this one has overtaken it. I desperately need someone to duo the first part with though.

Kissing Strangers – DNCE, Nicki Minaj: We already know that I love this song, I’m pretty sure it was in my May Tunes, one of my first posts ever on this blog, so it’s ability to last so long on my radar is something to go by.

Home – Johnnyswim: I’m not too sure what’s up with this stage name, but I don’t really care if he produces songs like this. Driving through the midwest, with this song on repeat? Killer.

Bloom – The Paper Kites: This is an online bonus track for The Paper Kites, and I’m glad I stumbled upon it. The vocals are so soft and crisp, but it’s the guitar that does it for me.

Get You – Daniel Caesar: I take it all back. This has been the song for the whole month. It has been all that I’ve sung. I listen to it everyday guaranteed on the bus and train to university, I sing it in the shower, I sing it in my bedroom, I’m so close to recording a cover of this song. It’s such a tune. If you’d also really like an experience check out Ian Eastwood, one of my favourite dancers, and his amazing freestyle to this song. Will not regret.

Violet – Bad Suns: This song is hands down one of my favourites of the year, and I desperately wish it was summer, but I don’t doubt it’ll stick around for me for another few months. It’s on my summer playlist so I’m not too worried. But, you should definitely check out my post I wrote, all about Bad Suns and why I bloody love this song. It’s a fun time.

Kiwi – Harry Styles: Surely we don’t need to go over this, again.

Bellyache – Billie Eilish: I have one of my close friends to thank for this, after she recommended it as a song for me to sing. I’ve tried. And it’s fantastic. Even just listening to this song gets me hyped up. Billie’s coming to Australia, but unfortunately your girl can’t make to her concert due to insufficient funds. One like = one prayer.

Because I Love You – Montaigne: This killer Australian singer is amazing and I’m kicking myself for not looking into her as soon as she stepped on the scene. This song reminds me of the show Carrie, where AnnaSophia Robb walked down the streets of New York with her freshly splattered nail polish hand bag. It’s a vibe.


And that’s it, let’s see what August (my favourite month) provides! What were you listening to in July?


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