Cheers Triple J

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This one is so close to home. So, so close. I’m really happy typing about these dudes. And I’m so happy they’re one of the Triple J Unearthed High finalists here in Australia. I’m also very happy that I happened to check in with the Triple J website to see the finalists, and found these guys.

SŸDE. Summer. Vibes. The words are interchangeable really. Their single Orbit has been making the rounds, and I’m pretty sure it’s hit over 8 million streams on Spotify, which is bloody fantastic for a couple of Year 12 students from Melbourne. They’re school is five minutes from me. I used to debate against their school. We deliver supplies to their school at work. I was so excited when I heard how local SŸDE actually are!

Considering ‘producing started off as a hobby‘, these boys are making a name for themselves, and fast. On their Triple J profile, a line that really got me was; “…devotion toward exploring and creating music that we feel resonated deeply within our youth.” Like go you guys. What a line. And when listening to their music, it’s really evident, that it definitely achieves the goal and purpose they set out to reach. While there are definitely other groups of people who can enjoy this type of music, I subconsciously just always link it to my generation, our youth, the type of culture we have, especially during the best of our times. It’s easy, feel good music, with an enchanting layer of ‘no shits to give, the sun is out, life is good’, that makes it so easy to forget how much work actually goes into producing tunes like this.

With over six thousand SoundCloud followers and over 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, these guys are definitely being heard. With Will and Mitch making up this duo, they’re releasing a bunch of new music soon, stuff that I can’t wait to hear.

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Promises (Feat Tyler Shamy) is a good mix. It delivers the vibe tropical house music tends to promise, plus features a really punchy vocal performance from Shamy, which Will and Mitch have definitely played to their advantage. The harmonies they’ve combined with a funky as heck groove line from the horns really just sound like summer, and long drives, or chilling by your best friends pool on a particular hot day, with a bunch of cut up fruit and a couple of drinks. It kinda sounds like what you’d expect salt water and sunscreen to smell like. If that makes sense. Surely that does.

Their single Orbit is the one that really hit the mark, granting them a position as one of the Triple J Unearthed High finalists. That’s a pretty sweet seat to get. It came on the radio the other day at work. Not only did the rest of the staff hound me for the genius minds behind the tune, but when I threw up a picture on Instagram ( youshouldhear, one word, cough), the boys were nice enough to reply back! It’s this song, I tell you. Overall, it’s a pretty great song. It’s another cruise-y summer song, that’s made for by the pool, or at the beach, or in the background of a really sick GoPro video of your summer adventures. The guitar sample carries the song really well, even when the percussion is stripped back and it’s just the vocals from Nashville singer Ashe. But it gets better.


In 2016, the same year Orbit was released, we were given the ‘hazey eyes remix’. I’m a huge believer of ‘respectfully remixing’. You can’t take away anything from the original. You can’t completely strip it of all the elements that were combined together in the first place. This remix, toes the line between paying respects to this amazing song, and completely blowing your mind with how great it is. The hazey eyes remix earned a spot on my Spotify playlists specifically curated for GoPro vids, as well as my summer playlist and my driving playlist. I’m sure you’re familiar with them. If not, you should definitely read my blog post all about the playlists I listen to daily.

Will and Mitch are currently doing the rounds of local as well as state wide radio stations, which is just what they need. I’m honestly betting on these guys releasing some tunes into the charts soon, especially if Orbit is anything to go by. Last I checked they were busy in the studio with Jai Waetford, a contestant from The X-Factor back in 2013 who’s currently killing it. I’m looking forward to the song they cook up between the three of them, with Jai’s voice and grooves from Will and Mitch it’s sure to be a good one.

I cannot wait to hear more from these guys. Hopefully you check them out. Click here for  link to their Spotify account, and here to check out their SoundCloud.

Hopefully you guys love SŸDE as much as do, and hopefully you check out their music! Let me know what you think of Mitch and Will in the comments below, I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the amazing talent Melbourne’s producing at the moment!



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