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I’m so grateful to my cousin for introducing me to these dudes. She recently went on a trip to New Zealand and when she came back, let me know Six60 were definitely worth checking out. She did not lie.  They’re a five-piece band, and their music is right up my lane. They’re a fantastic blend of soul, rock and reggae, with a bunch of epic drum and bass lines that tie everything together perfectly.

One of their most famous songs, Don’t Forget Your Roots, one of their first singles, is undoubtedly my favourite. It’s the one my cousin told me to listen to, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since. It’s been a good month.


I feel like I overuse this, so much. But this song is definitely a summer song. But like, a chill summer. A really lazy, relaxing summer, rather than the fast paced, action packed kind of summer. I hope that made sense. That’s definitely down to the guitar for me. It just feels like a really reggae-based guitar rhythm and I think that contributes to the overall feel of the song perfectly. And the lead vocals? Matiu Walters has such a rich voice, it compliments the music they’re producing so well.

You’ll see in the music video, but the name Six60 actually came from the house they lived in while they were all at university. It’s featured in the music video for Don’t Forget Your Roots for obvious reasons, and the video as a whole captures the entire vibe and feel of the song in the 3:47 seconds you are given. They honestly seem like the coolest, chillest dudes ever.


Another favourite of mine is White Lines. Walters’ vocals are incredibly strong in this song. That was one of the first things that drew my attention to this particular tune. I feel like watching this song live would something to see. White Lines somehow combines rock and soul in this funky as heck way that produces a song that you want to dance and sing along to.


Six 60 live

There’s two other songs I’ve been listening to non-stop. Special, specifically because of how catchy it is. Again, for me it comes down to the guitar, as well as the lead vocals. Honestly, Matiu Walters’ is one of my favourite voices, that I’ve ever heard. Especially towards the end when he goes high as heck. He carries the whole song beautifully. Also, the whistle sample has been stuck in my head for the whole day. The other song is Mothers Eyes. Gosh. This song nearly made me cry the first time I heard it. And then I watched the video below and basically did.

“All I need is in my mothers eyes”. Like that line alone was enough to put this song up there with my favourites. Then add in those ridiculous harmonies. It’s an incredible song, and it beautifully builds momentum as it goes on. It’s an amazing song.


If you’d like to listen to more of Six60, you can find their Spotify page here, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m desperately hoping the boys come to Australia and do some performances because I’m desperate to see them live. Their live concerts look just as amazing.

Hopefully you find a song you like from all the songs you’ll find on Spotify, and if so, let me know in the comments below!



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