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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Billie before in a monthly favourites or in another playlists like that, but if you’ve somehow missed it…here’s a whole post dedicated to the girl.

I was initially introduced to her by one of my best friends, who demanded I listen to her song Bellyache. It soon became one of my favourite songs, and still is. Had I joined the masses of people who tuned in to watch 13 Reasons Why, I would have heard her song Bored featured in the TV series as well, shortly after Bellyache was released as a single. You can watch the music video for Bellyache below!


I reckon YouTube user ‘jimmybread 2’ sums it up pretty well: the breeziest song about committing several homicides you will ever hear. And he’s not wrong. The song is literally about murder, which you can really easily pick up on if you listen to the lyrics really closely, or even pull them up on the internet. I still stand by it though.




Aside from the production value, the song is amazing. It’s incredibly dynamic from start to finish, and then there’s Billie’s voice. Its phenomenal. She’s got an amazing voice, and it translates over into her live performances as well. She was featured on one of my favourite YouTube channels, COLOURS, performing her song Watch. See for yourself, just how good this girl is, even live.



While I definitely love Bellyache, I think Watch is quickly becoming my favourite song Billie’s released. Especially after watching this video. I feel like now is a good time to tell you that this girl is 15. She’s fifteen years old. Hopefully that puts into perspective how crazy good her voice and live vocal performance is.

Another fantastic song of hers is Six Feet Under which was released as a single in 2016, and is the first song to appear on her Spotify account. It’s a pretty, haunting song and you know how excited I was to see a video of her performing it live with her brother Finneas O’Connell at Sofar Los Angeles.



Billie also released an EP this year, titled ‘dont smile at me’, which her brother Finneas co-produced and helped write. The album is killer, and has some amazing tracks on it. It’s a pretty heavy record for someone of her age, but she handles the lyrics with a lot of maturity that seems to be a staple in her songwriting and performance. The opening song, COPYCAT, is intense as heck. Pounding bass lines and a synth that nearly burst my eardrums the first time I heard it. Billie’s voice is light and feathery enough that it somehow compliments these elements, yet competes with them to really come to the front of the whole sound incredibly.  My favourite song is definitely Watch though. The chorus is beautiful, as are the lyrics.




Billie is an incredibly underrated musician, and it may be down to her age, the type of music she’s releasing, or how short her music career has been so far, but I’m looking forward to hearing more from her. Watch and Bellyache are already being played a bit on the radio (nice one Triple J), and she’s doing a tour here that I’m too poor to attend, so she’s definitely taking off. You can bet I’ll be there the next time she’s around.



7 thoughts on “All About Billie

    • watch is definitely one of my favourites as well as ocean eyes – I’m seeing her next month so I cannot wait and hopefully she releases some music for us this year!! xx


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