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I’ve finally got around to writing this post! I count myself lucky that I walked into The Howler just as the PLGRMS were starting their set, supporting Dean Lewis. These dudes are amazing. If you’re into sick synths and drum pads, partnered with ridiculous vocals, these guys are all over it.

Jake and Jon make up the Sydney duo, and I saw them on the 5th of August when I went to see Dean Lewis with my best friend. They played an amazing set. Quite different to what Dean played for us later on, but I actually really enjoyed it. I’d definitely be down to see them at their own gig next time they’re back in Melbourne. They’ve also given the You Should Hear Instagram a few likes, so there’s that to boast about as well. How good would an interview be??? One can wish.




But yeah. Their sound is really strong. It really, really hits you. They’ve released a few singles on Spotify this year, starting with Pieces. This song got our attention. I remember my best friend looking at me with the widest eyes ever when they hit the chorus and literally soared, vocals and all. However, the following release of Gemini? Ridiculous.

Jonathan, is huge on this track. The synths and instrumentals are incredible and really drive Gemini, but that’s not to say Jacob’s vocals aren’t insane. To try and completely grasp the extent of how good his singing is, listen to Fools and Their Gold. Jon is great in this track, but I have to give props to Jacob for the vocal performance he gives in this song. The chorus is insane, and watching it live was honestly incredible. Gave me goosebumps. You could see how much effort and emotion they put into the performance of this song, especially Jacob. It was when they sang this song that I made a note on my phone to go home and further look into these dudes. But while you’re here, check out Fools and Their Gold.



Dream You Up is phenomenal. Rhythmically, musically, it’s so different to anything I’m currently hearing at the moment. Definitely check out this song too. I can instantly recognise it as a PLGRMS song now, and a lot of that is down to this distinct sound these guys have created for themselves. I hear a bit of Jarryd James in it, which I obviously love, but they’re so unique and different.

One of the last songs they performed was Crawling Back, which they had only released the day before, on the 4th. I’m coming to love it just as much as Fools and Their Gold. Especially the bridge and the drop back into the chorus. You honestly have to listen to it yourself to see what I mean. (Their Spotify is a gift and their songs feature on multiple of my playlists.)

I’m a huge advocate for live performance, as you can hopefully tell, and Crawling Back was incredible to watch. I have to give props to Jon. The multi-instrumentalist was a machine on stage. I loved watching him manoeuvre around the drum pads and multiple synths he was surrounded with and as equally enchanting as Jacob was, I couldn’t take my eyes of Jon and how much of a trance he seemed to be in while pulling this song together beautifully. It was magical to watch.




Honestly, the whole set they performed was like a dream. Combine unique synth layers, an electronic music fans dream, beautiful vocals and the array of blue and purple lighting before us,  and the audience were treated to an amazing set, that hyped us up for Dean spectacularly. Any audience would be lucky to be able to see these guys live. That said, their music is equally as forgiving when you just turn it all the way up, or put on a decent set of headphones and really take in all the intricate layers that make up each of their songs. It’s a treat. Here’s hoping they come back down to Melbourne soon.

If you missed out on my post from the 11th, I shared a bit of my own original music as well as some background information about myself, so if you haven’t already I’d love if you check out my post, So You Think You Know!

Let me know if you give these guys a listen, and what your favourite song is. Hope you are all well.




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