Dusk Till Dawn

I haven’t written in a little while and I’ve come to the end of my scheduled posts! So I’m here with another song that I’ve been obsessed with since it’s release.

Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn Malik and Sia. A tune.


We all know I’m a fan of Zayn, and while his album is one of my favourite albums ever released to date, this is probably one of my favourite songs from him ever. It’s a kicker.

It’s starts out sweet. Like, really sweet. And by sweet I mean that Malik has a voice like honey. He could sing me the Yellow Pages and I’d make it my ringtone. His first verse is a perfect precursor for the rest of the song to follow.

Then in the pre chorus Sia joins him, and though an unlikely pairing, their voices match each other in their sultry-ness I guess? Like they both really string their words along beautifully, it’s really powerful but sounds so gentle.

And then they sing the chorus.

It sounds like a movie soundtrack. Which makes a lot of sense when you watch the music video. It’s basically a mini-movie. Done really well. And after his short acting stint in iCarly all those years ago, which was shit, Zayn delivers his one line better than all the other extras they hired to play the cops. It’s an incredible music video.

It’s also a very fun song to sing along to. A very hard song to sing along to, but fun all the same. I plugged it into the car sound system yesterday and my dad looked mildly offended at my attempts to sing the ridiculous high notes that Zayn effortlessly pulls of. I cannot wait to see a live version of this song.


I have to admit, my favourite part of the song is the end. I don’t mean that in the mean sense at all. It’s genuinely beautiful. In the last chorus, if you listen carefully, Zayn is doing these amazing trills underneath, that pay homage to his South Asian background. Being of South Asian (Indian) descent too, it’s so cool hearing those familiar styles of singing being blended into popular music we hear on the radio, and Zayn is a legend at pulling it off because not only does he kill the vocals on RnB, hip hop, pop songs, but he nails the traditional Indian singing that is ridiculously hard to actually do. At the end of the bridge, he sings this huge note, no surprise there, but then he moves into these ridiculous trills and runs that don’t sound even human. It’s beautiful to listen to. Got my Dad’s approval too.

But anyway, like I was saying before, the song is equally met by the music video, which Zayn promoted a ton, especially on his Instagram, and for good reason. Have a look for yourself.



Let me know what you think of the song!





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