Thanks @wwallowss

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This post is brought to you by @wwallowss on Instagram, one of the first people to recommend a tune for me to listen to! Thanks to them, Hockey Dad was brought back onto my radar.

I have a few times a week where I just kinda…let Spotify do the work for me. Hockey Dad popped up on one of my Daily Mixes, and I was thoroughly pleased. It was their song Jump The Gun, and the guitar intro had be hooked. And then I promptly forgot everything about them. Until a few weeks ago, when I received a DM on Instagram from @wwallowss, instructing me to listen to the song Laura by Hockey Dad. I was shooketh.


Jumped on Spotify straight away and added majority of their top songs to all the relevant playlists. So most of them. Now Laura is a great song. The beat you want during summer, the guitar and vocals you expect from a couple of guys from New South Wales, it hits the mark. But I have to say, my favourite song is Beach House.

I don’t know if it’s the guitar right at the beginning, paired with a really light drum tap, or the up tempo, easy summer tune that you know I’m a sucker for in the chorus, but this one is definitely my favourite.

At the start of last year, I went with one of my best friends, to spend a week at my other best friend’s holiday house in Venus Bay with her family, and two of her younger sister’s friends. We had the best bloody acai bowls every morning, (I) finished a packet of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, went to the beach nearly every day, get ridiculously sunburnt, played pool, attempted baking and watched movies nearly every night. It was probably one of the best summer week’s I’ve ever had, despite my nose piercing getting ripped out by a particularly grim wave on our second last day. Listen to Beach House and you can just pretend you were there with us.


It’s managed to make it’s way onto several playlists as I mentioned before. 365, songs you should probably hear, the summer to end all summers, magic carpet ride, i can’t drive yet and hairbrush tunes. That’s a good amount of all my playlists on Spotify.

Made it onto 365 purely because for the whole day after receiving that DM, this was all I listened to…there is a post coming in the future about this specific playlist and why it means a lot to me. It made it onto songs you should probably hear, and the fact that I’m writing about it here further cements that notion. It’s on the summer to end all summers for blatantly obvious reasons, magic carpet ride because that playlist has no genre restriction whatsoever, i can’t drive yet because I’ve already specifically selected it while on a drive, much to the dismay of my mother who prefers exactly zero distractions while I’m behind the wheel, and hairbrush tunes because you have to sing along to this song.

I strongly suggest if you’re into the heavy beach bum type tunes, the ones that make it feel like summer in the midst of a stupidly cold winter, you check out Hockey Dad. Their Instagram is also a great time. Not sure if I’d go as far as getting myself a Hockey Dad logo tat like some people have shared on Instagram, but still a great time.




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