Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

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I’ve written about this chick before, pretty sure I featured her in one of my monthly favourites. She’s cool as heck. I use the term ‘as heck’ a lot, but Ruby is cool as heck.

I found her while listening to Triple J a little while ago, her song I Want shot to ridiculous popularity seemingly overnight, and rightly so. It’s a killer track.

‘I wanna be more than my parents opinions and my ATAR.’

Right in the heart. Irrespective of the fact that she sings about being her own anime slaying evil ninjas in Japan in the first verse and makes it sound sick, it’s a killer song. I feel like I’m repeating myself from what I said the last time I mentioned Ruby, but it’s a song that’s kind of made for the teenagers of Australia, but can be relevant to literally anyone not happy with the stupid high expectations we all place on ourselves. It’s just ridiculously relatable.


PS – also featured on several of my Spotify playlists, and you know how serious that is.

Now as Triple J mentioned, I Want features some great ‘driving guitar hooks’, and her most recent single ‘P Plates’ serves up more of the same good stuff. This one is just complete dry wit and humour that makes Fields all the more likeable. I want to be friends with Ruby. That’s what ‘I Want’.


This may be one of the most vague descriptions of a type of song that I vibe with but here we go: you know like…early 2000s pop/indie/rock stuff that producers would throw into episodes of Lizzie McGuire during scenes that were meant to be edgy and like…transformative for young impressionably 10 year old girls? Or during the montage of literally all of the Olsen twins movies where they’re galavanting around a new city yet again, causing a scene, having a generally grand time? The nostalgic stuff? Yeah. That’s what I get when I listen to Ruby. And it’s great. I love it.

Cannot wait for more stuff from Ruby Fields, I’m on board. Australian music is doing amazing stuff, and if Ruby is anything to go by, I’m all for it.



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