Ready For Ciaran

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 2.24.00 pmYou may not have heard of Ciaran Austin just yet, but you definitely will sometime in the near future. In the meantime, this post is gonna tell you all you need to know about Ciaran, his new single Arise, which was released on the 23rd of October, as well as a cheeky Q&A with the dude himself. Strap yourselves in.




Hailing from the South West of England, the 22-year old is carving a path for a ridiculous rapping career, especially if Arise is anything to go by. I was stoked to have a listen to this song before it was dropped and was thoroughly impressed.

To start off with, aside from Stormzy and probably Lady Leshurr, there aren’t many UK rappers I find myself vibing with.

However, when I listened to Ciaran’s single, I found myself really enjoying it. It’s definitely laid-back hip hop and rap. The synths and guitars contrast wickedly, but I love the lyrics the most. He spits out a lot of emotion that he packs into really well crafted lines. Arise is definitely a song made to be listened to, a story to follow.

There’s a wicked part in the song that has spoken dialogue between a guy, possibly Ciaran, and a girl. It’s packed with the emotion the song carries, and while sometimes spoken dialogue can seem disjointed and awkward within songs, this piece fits perfectly inside the pocket of the song and I can’t imagine Arise without it.



Ciaran was kind enough to answer some questions for me in a quick Q&A, enjoy!

There’s a ton of story telling in Arise, what was the inspiration behind the lyrics? What was the intention behind the spoken dialogue in the break?
The subject matter kind of came up when my guitarist Jamie & I were making the beat. It’s kind of inspired by the sacrifices which have been made for music, specifically how it can affect your relationships/friendships, and the talking part is based on a situation I was in this earlier this year

Who are you biggest inspirations, as a producer and rapper?
Influences vary depending on who I’m listening to at a certain point of time but I guess all-time musical inspirations include Stevie Wonder, Bon Iver, Kanye (probably my biggest producer influence due to his fearlessness & innovation).

How has your music changed between when you first started and now, at the release of Arise?
I learnt piano when I was a kid and I’ve been making music in some form for the past like 5 years. It started with really ambient/electronic stuff and then moved towards hip-hop. I started rapping/properly adding my vocals in like 3 years ago because I just as I wanted to express myself more…blame it on too many teenage emotions I guess.

You Should Hear is all about discovering new music. Aside from your own music, who’s someone you think more people need to have a listen to and know about?
I would definitely urge everyone to listen to Private Agenda! Recently saw them live in London & their music is brilliant.

Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?
I hope that in ten years I’m still expressing myself in some way & that I’m enjoying performing live if I’m still in music.


You can find Ciaran’s Spotify here, hopefully you give it a listen. While there are only two songs up there, it’s definitely worth you time. The musicality and lyrics in both the songs are incredible, and Skylight, the song released along with Arise, is definitely featured in a few of my playlists.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm




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