Here For Tyrant

I’d like to thank Buket, from Buket’s Blog on YouTube for delivering me this song in one of her videos. Thank you Buket.

The song I’ve decided to share you finally, after more of a small break, is Tyrant, by Kali Uchis and one of my faves, Jorja Smith. This song, got me feeling some type of way.

You can listen to it on Spotify, here.


The bass in this song is, no competition, my favourite part of this song. I wasn’t sure because before the bass comes in, it kinda sound slightly like New York State of Mind and it’s Alicia Keys, but then that bounce comes in and it’s all Kali.

This song is such a summer bounce. The sun is finally starting to peak out here in Australia, and for the past two days of glorious sun I’ve been slaving over final essay for university, the only solace being this song pumping through the house on repeat. Going for a drive? Plug into the AUX, and now my mum loves this song just as much (because I still have to drive with a legal adult in the passengers seat smh).

And then Jorja comes in. Jorja’s voice holds this amazing Amy Winehouse quality to it and anything she sings sounds like honey, it’s so fitting for this song with Kali.



If you recall a little while back I included a Daniel Caesar song, Get You, in one of my monthly favourites, which featured Kali in it. Flip the coin and Kali released a remix of Tyrant, but with Daniel rather than Jorja. Magic, I tell you. You can listen to that sweet remix here, on her Spotify. While it’s ultimately the same song, it flips the whole feel and atmosphere the second Daniel starts singing. It’s amazing. You honestly have to listen to it yourself to get what I mean.

If you’re down with really chill tunes, please have a listen to Kali’s other music. But then she’s got some sick Latin dance tunes. Kinda like reggaeton (Nuestro Planeta) as well, which I’m in love with at the moment.  There’s also a Spanish version of Tyrant, which features Fuego, like she does the most with this song and I’m 100% here for it.

I only ever used to hear Kali Uchis when I listened to Get You, but thanks to Tyrant I’ve had my eyes opened to her magic. Highly recommend.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm


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