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So in September 2016, Chet Faker ended and Nick Murphy stepped up. If you aren’t yet familiar with Chet Faker, you may have heard some of his music without realising, notably one of his hits, Talk Is Cheap, (Spotify linked) or his cover of No Diggity.


In September he lost the moniker or performance name, Chet Faker, that he began with and instead turned to using his real name, Nick Murphy.

I love Nick Murphy. While Chet Faker released an ARIA Award winning album here in Australia, as well as featured in several Triple J Hottest 100 countdowns, Nick Murphy’s music is incredible. You can definitely tell it’s the same person, but to me, in my head, it’s completely different. Since the use of his real name was put into work, Nick’s released four singles, and an EP. While I had to hand pick songs that I liked from Chet Faker’s catalogue that I enjoyed, I can honestly put his artist profile (linked) on shuffle and be 100% certain that I’ll enjoy whatever comes on from Nick Murphy.

That said, it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ll say that.

Of all the songs he’s released as Nick Murphy, my favourite is by far, Your Time, which was also produced by Kaytranada, a Canadian producer and DJ who I also happen to be a  huge fan of. The song is soooo moody and ambient, I live for it. I talk a lot about driving songs, if you’ve paid any attention you know what I mean, and this song is definitely another driving song, but a winter driving song. Not meant for summer. I lived for this song all during the winter. Lived for it.



Firstly his voice; it stands out so amazingly in this song. There’s a lot of electric engineering that goes on in his music in terms of effects and synths and other amazing stuff, but his voice is honestly front and centre with this one. And he’s got a killer voice. I don’t know if he’s singing differently or what, but he just sounds better as Nick Murphy than he did as Chet Faker in my opinion.

Can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the EP art for this one, but regardless, you can listen to Your Time below, let me know what you think!



Honestly, I could listen to this song over and over again. Love it. Big fan. Team Nick. Seeya Chet.




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