As bloody well predicted, my Gig Guide has developed quite a bit since my last post about my gigging adventures back in July. I’m so pumped for 2018 to just get here already because my friends and I have a bunched of concerts booked and planned and ready to go.

SO LET US BEGIN! I’m gonna do this by month because that’s how I did the last one, and I liked it that way:

Kicking off 2017, I’m going to see The Kooks with two of my best friends, tickets for which we literally booked half an hour ago. Honestly last month and this month were crazy for concert tickets, everyone seemed to be announcing shows in Australia, and these were definitely tickets I was very excited to hear about.

Oh my goodness this is probably in the top three concerts that I’m the most excited about next year, and that’s Billie Eilish. I’m going with three of my friends, all of whom love Billie just as much as I do. If you aren’t aware of how much I love this gal, check out my post that I did, all about the angel and how much she rocks. She’s performing at The Howler, which is one of my all-time favourite gig venues. Cannot wait to get into a pork burger and a cider.

March is where it is at honestly. So to start off March, two of my best friends and I again, are going to see Jet perform at the Melbourne Zoo Twilight gigs that happen every year. Honestly, 8-year old me, singing Are You Gonna Be My Girl on SingStar Rock had a meltdown when I bought those tickets.
Then as I mentioned in my first Gig Guide, I’m going to see the smooth as heck, Bruno Mars at Etihad Stadium with my family, shoutout to my dad for scoring us all mosh pit tickets. I’m so pumped for it.
Then literally four days later, the same best friends that I’ve mentioned twice already and I, are getting in the mosh pit for Ed Sheeran. This will be the second time I’m seeing him and if it’s anything like the first time, we’re in for an amazing show.

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m seeing Harry Styles in April and I’m waiting for the moment I get to hear Kiwi live. All these fan videos from his US concerts can only keep me going for so long, and with the music video come out too I’m so pumped for it.

Then finally, (as of now), I’m going to see my boy Niall Horan (post linked). I cannot wait to see Niall live. The last time I saw him was when One Direction toured, all five of them, and they came to Australia, and I’ve never got to see him again, since they never bloody come here. But finally, after much patience, he announced his tour and I was thrilled to get tickets. Cannot wait. Will scream.

I will definitely be giving more updates, or at least updating this post if there are any changes in the near future, but for now, that’s all! Let me know if you’ve seen any of the acts I mentioned above live, or, any acts you would recommend seeing live!




So, in the time that I’ve uploaded this post, and the time of writing this now, 12:53am on December the 30th, I have added two more gigs to the lineup above. Let’s get it.

While previously I was only attending The Kooks in January, I’ll also be attending the Australian Open tennis tournament. ‘But Priya’, you say ‘that’s definitely not a concert’. You’re right. What does constitute as a concert is the official Australian Open Live Stage that you get access to when purchasing General Access tickets. On the day we booked our tickets, we’re also gonna be joining a lil mosh pit for one of my favourite Melbourne bands ever, Jakubi, who are opening for Rudimental. Insane.

An exact month after we go for The Kooks, my two best friends and I, who I’ve mentioned too many times above, are going to Let Go Fest. Let Go Fest is a relatively new festival that’s started up in Victoria, my state, however the lineup is incredible. It was only released a couple of days ago, but with Gang Of Youths, SAFIA, Bag Raiders, Remi, Middle Kids, a silent disco, a free ferris wheel and a ton more, we didn’t hesitate to get tickets. Cannot wait.



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    • DUDE I KNOW IM SO EXCITED! I couldn’t believe how cheap they were honestly, cannot wait. The Killers will be so good!! Definitely gonna have to go if they come here. xx

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