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I have no doubt that some of you have heard about PRETTYMUCH, especially those of you from the US, since they seem to already be picking up a pretty big fanbase over there, but these dudes have yet to make their splash here in Australia. That’s not to say they won’t, because they will. Quote me.




So basically PRETTYMUCH is made up of five dudes, Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu, Nick Mara and Austin Porter, and they were put together by the King of boy bands, Simon Cowell in 2016. Much like many of my personal discoveries, I can’t recall exactly how I stumbled upon the group, but I have no regrets. They’re a pop and R&B group, which is right up my alley, and so far I have thoroughly enjoyed the three songs they released since their inception. So far they have also performed their debut song Would You Mind at the 2017 Teen Choice Wards, as well as an acapella version on the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet.

In October they released their second song, Teacher, but I maintained Would You Mind as my fave. Then they released Open Arms and it was game over.



They kill it with vocals on this song, and it showcases the fact that they honestly have amazing voices and they blend together so well. Considering it’s acapella for the the first minute of the song, you really notice their voices. Also. Cannot not mention boy Nick. His voice is probably my favourite in the group (cos you always have to have a favourite when it comes to boy bands, right?) and his verse is probably my favourite, considering it also features the initial beat drop that got me hooked on this song.

I have to say, they also look like a heap of fun??? (r.i.p to me with the war flashbacks from 2013 One Direction) and all of their music videos are sooo well produced for the market and genre they’re catering to. Their first video especially, is very reminiscent of 90’s boy bands, and it’s evident that’s a key point of inspiration for the guys.



I mean??? Like a fish eye lense? Running rampant on the streets? Punching the camera? Oh, and the choreography???? It’s a fun time.




If you’re a fan of old school R&B, but still vibe with current R&B and pop music, definitely check out PRETTYMUCH, I’ve honestly been playing all they’re stuff on repeat since they released new music. Open Arms is a car staple, while Would You Mind is a 10/10 recommendation for a playlist before heading out for the night, both of which you can find on my Spotify (linked). I’m kinda shocked that I haven’t mentioned these dudes earlier considering how much they’re constantly playing in my house, but it is what it is and thankfully I’m finally giving you guys this post. Make sure you check out their Spotify page here, so you can give their songs a listen. Here’s to hoping their come down to Australia some time soon.




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4 thoughts on “PRETTYMUCH

    • They’re very interesting, which was my initial reaction and now I’m just keen to see them live and in concert haha it’s a steady downward spiral but the unreleased songs they’ve performed live sound just as good if not better, so they’re definitely worth your time xx

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