Courtesy Of: Buket Komur

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Hey friends! So it’s been a little while since my last Courtesy Of, so I thought I’d jump straight into it with another for you all finally. This time, I’m gonna be sharing music favourites from the lovely Buket Komur, of Buket’s Blog on YouTube! I’ve been a subscriber for majority of this year, and her YouTube channel, is honestly one of my top favourites. She’s just a cool gal?? You may also remember her name, from my post about Kali Uchis’ song, Tyrant, which I discovered through one of her videos! I reached out to Buket, and she was lovely enough to share with me her top ten favourite songs at the moment, which I’m so stoked to share with all of you! Let’s kick it.

COPYCAT – Billie Eilish: You know we’re off to a good start when the first song’s by Billie. You may recall I wrote a whole post about Billie Eilish, which is linked, and I am so pumped to see her in February next year. Honestly one of her best songs, and I can completely understand why it makes it’s way to the top of Buket’s list.

Party Favor – Billie Eilish: This song’s cute as heck. Like the ukulele? Singing over the phone for the first quarter of the song? The little triangle in the background? I love this song. Buket loves this song. It’s a fun time.

bellyache – Billie Eilish: Billie is obviously killing this list, three for three. This song is the first song I discovered from Billie myself, so I wasn’t surprised to see this one make it onto Buket’s list. I also featured bellyache in my July Tunes.

Quarterback – AJ Tracey: Have to admit, I’ve never listened to AJ Tracey before. I’ve heard of him but kinda skirted him around him each time it’s come up, but I honestly don’t mind this song at all. I can understand how it features on Buket’s favourites.

Calling Me Out – Dave: This is one of the funkiest songs I’ve heard. Honest to god. Like when I saw it in her list I gave it a listen and added it to a couple of my own playlists, which you know is serious.

Girl Crush – Harry Styles: I too, am obsessed with this cover. Harry does this song justice, so well, it’s magical.

Come Down – Anderson .Paak: This is probably one of my favourite Anderson .Paak songs ever. It kinda gives me Kendrick vibes, and it’s one of the funkiest songs I’ve heard in a while.

Drugs – Anderson .Paak: Hadn’t heard this song until Buket put it on her list, and have to say, I was missing out. Different vibe to Come Down, but you can vibe with it all the same. Such a good groove too.

27 Hours – Banks: Honestly Banks is a genius. Listening to anything by Banks is a complete experience and this song is no different. Round of applause to Buket for this pick.

Luxor Street – Elise Imperilee, Srigala: Okay so I may have found a new song that I’ve fallen in love with literally five seconds into?? Possibly?? Thanks Buket?? Everyone should give this one a listen, it’s honestly incredible.

That’s it! A huge thank you to Buket for sharing such amazing music, please make sure you check out her YouTube channel, which I’ve linked for you all, she’s such a lovely gal, you will definitely find a video you’ll enjoy. One of my faves can become one of your faves! We all win! Hope you also enjoyed some of the tunes she shared, maybe found a new song to boogie or jam to, let me know in the comments!



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