Thought I’d do a fun lil post for you! The last type of post like this that I did was my shuffle tag, which was quite a while ago, so I found another set of questions, that I’m gonna answer below.

Which bands/artists do you own the most albums by?
I have a ton of Michael Jackson albums and singles. I don’t know if it counts because it’s a sort of collaborative collection from my dad and I but we have quite a few.

What was the latest song you listened to?
I’m listening to music at the moment, and it’s 1 Night, by Mura Masa with Charli XCX.

What was the last show you attended?
The last show I attended was Kehlani’s concert in August, which I wrote a post all about (linked).

What was the greatest show you’ve ever attended?
Oooh. Probably a tie somewhere between Ed Sheeran and Kehlani. Both of them were so good live, lived up to recorded versions, did some songs even better, and kept the crowd thoroughly entertained.

What’s the worst show you’ve been to?
I don’t think I can say?? I’ve been lucky enough to go to a bunch of amazing shows, with none of them falling below standard at all.

What’s the most musically involved you’ve ever been?
That’s ridiculous for me to answer because that’s trying to narrow down to a specific time, when in fact my whole life has been involved with music in some way, though, if I had to say, probably during my later years of high school. I was drumming, singing, being a part of the school musicals, being Performing Arts Captain one year and organising a bunch of performances throughout year 11 and 12.

What show are you looking forward to?
Another hard question, since I have quite a few coming up soon. Bruno Mars is sure to be incredible, same with Ed Sheeran and The Kooks, but I reckon Harry Styles’ will be amazing sure, purely because of the type of music on his album, and how perfect it is for live performance.

Have you met any of your favourite artists/bands?
None of them.

What’s your favourite band shirt?
Not a band, but I have a sick Michael Jackson shirt of my dad’s.

What musician would you love to hang out with for a day?
14 year old me is saying Niall Horan, but present day me is saying Kehlani. She’s just cool??? Like imagine being pals with Lani?

Who’s one group or musician you wish would make a comeback?
Obvious choice is One Direction.

Who is one artist you’ve never seen live but would like to?
Jon Bellion. I would kill to see Jon live. He’s insane.

Name four or more perfect albums.
Dangerous – Michael Jackson
Made In The A.M – One Direction
The Human Condition – Jon Bellion
because the internet – Childish Gambino
Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 1 – Calvin Harris
SweetSexySavage – Kehlani
Good For You – Amine

How many music related DVD’s do you own?
We have a whole cabinet of live performances from like, classical music to a Janet Jackson concert, an Alicia Keys concert plus a ton more in storage so, cannot give a definite number.

How many shows have you been to in total?

One Direction – October, 2013
Olly Murs – November, 2013
One Direction – February, 2015
Ed Sheeran – March, 2015
Ellie Goulding – October, 2016
Adele – March, 2017
Gretta Ray – April, 2017
Dean Lewis – August, 2017
Kehlani – August, 2017

Who have you seen the most live?
Not by much at all, but One Direction.

What is your favourite movie soundtrack?
Holy moly. It’s either La La Land, Into The Woods or the Guardians of The Galaxy Mixtapes Vol. 1 & Vol. 2.

What was your last musical ‘phase’ you went through?
I don’t know if it counts as a phase, but I was really, really into Jazz Hip Hop, and I’ve recently rediscovered my love for Big Band and swing. Idk.

What’s your guilty pleasure that you hate to admit liking?
So it isn’t guilty cos I like it, so I’m not gonna feel bad about it, but falling under the same strain, this girl from like…Vine maybe? YouTube? Malu Trevejo. I don’t know how she got famous, but she’s on the same level as Daniel Bregoli (lol cash me outside how bow da), and they get into bloody Instagram arguments all the time, but she released a song, Luna Llena, and it is a bop. Especially if you’re a Latin fan like ya girl. Give it a listen right now. Highly recommend.


But that’s the questions! Feel free to join in and do your own 20 questions using those above, I’d love to read your answers!



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