2017 Wrapped

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As I’ve panicked about several times in the past, December has arrived and everyone’s kicking it into gear. And this year, along came Spotify, changing the music streaming game, and then some. If you didn’t know, or somehow didn’t fall victim to the overload of sharing that I was subjected (and guilty of) to, then allow me to explain Spotify’s 2017 Wrapped.

Everyone loves an algorithm, and for someone who dropped maths like a hot potato the second she could, this is one of the simplest forms of data collection that an application can provide, and I loved it. Spotify basically gathered your year’s worth of music listening, compressed it all down, crunched some numbers, and presented you with your musical listenings, favourites, missed opportunities and replays, all in one spot. Your 2017 Wrapped. Literally http://www.2017wrapped.com. You can suss out your own Spotify habits too (I’ve linked it for your convenience).


This posted was basically me babbling and gassing this new player to the game. I’ve seen countless people sharing it, artists who have ranked highly *Rihanna, go Rih* sharing their placements, people actually coming to terms with their own obsessions and a bunch of people like my Mum who denied Spotify for majority of the year, gushing about their faves. Here’s what I delivered in 2017.




Honestly not surprising, and very accurate. Considering I’ve featured Kehlani, Chris Brown, and Billie in blog posts all of their own, as well as honourable mentions to Ed, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Mi Gente and Swalla several times, I’d say they’ve hit the nail on the head. The maths calculated correct. Everybody found x. y=mc².

Let me know if you checked out your 2017 Wrapped, I’d love to hear what your top tunes were for this year!




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