Christian French via Justin Escalona

So earlier this year I got really into a YouTube channel, PlayTheGameFilms, a channel run by college film student Justin Escalona. Justin seems to just live a life of partying, exploring epic locations, befriending a bunch of influential people (Khalid, G-Eazy???) and capturing incredible cinematic’s from it all, which he delivers to his 270K subscribers through his version of the traditional vlog, The Daily Docs.

Then for me he kinda fell off my YouTube dash, and I didn’t see much from him for a month or two. Until earlier this week, when he made a sudden reappearance, and I found myself eager to catch up with a months worth of content that he was just pushing out. Which in turn, led me to stumble upon the video down below.

Reaching out to his extensive list of contacts, Justin grouped together a singer, producer and songwriter, and challenged them to write a song in 24 hours. You may as well just watch the video. *lil bit of a language warning*



Throughout this whole video, in-between admiring the videography, craving that pizza and wishing I was there, I found myself needing to hear the complete song. Especially after the ‘music video’ at the end, I needed to hear the whole thing.

And what do you know.

Scroll down a little bit and the link’s right there in the description box.

So you can bet I jumped onto Spotify real quick to listen to the song, and I was NOT disappointed. The song is incredible. Not only is the production value amazing for something that was, as they say, produced in 24 hours, but Christian French’s voice is insane. It’s got the perfect amount of rasp and rough mixed in with honey smooth crooning, and I reckon I’ve found one of my last favourite songs and singers for the year. It definitely features on my yearly playlist, which you will hear a bit more about in a little while :))

If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend you give Love Ride a listen, conveniently, I’ve linked it so you don’t really have an excuse do you?

Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear some of your opinions!!




Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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