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It’s arrived. The post that I’ve been dreading (yet still low key waiting for) all this time. My December Tunes. Dreading because it means that somehow we’re at the end of the year??? Waiting for because that means. . .thank god this year has come to an end, let’s move on. Hopefully you all had an amazing holiday season what ever you did, I know I consumed my weight in food and drinks but I’m not complaining.


For the final time this year, here are the tunes I was loving this month!


Carolina – Harry Styles: It really has been a fantastic year for this kid has it not? It’s only natural that I had a song of his featuring in more than several of my posts since his album release. This song is slowly edging it’s way into my top five favourites. We’ll see. For now it can reserve top spot on this list.

Miss You – Louis Tomlinson: While we’re at it, it’s been a great year for all the guys from One Direction and their solo endeavours, including Louis Tomlinson. While I may not listen to his music as much as Harry’s or my boy Niall’s, this song is definitely my favourite song out of all the stuff he’s released.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran: While Perfect Duet with Beyonce and Perfect Symphony with Andrea Bocelli were some of my most listened to songs this month, I’m a sucker for the original. It’s simplicity and cute factor have me sold on Ed’s solo version. I love it.

I Fall Apart – Post Malone: Feeling Whitney will forever remain my favourite Post Malone song, but I Fall Apart is a close second. The amount of times my dad, little sister and I have belted it out in the car is *several* and it’s the perfect song to sing along to. Post had a pretty good year too I’d say.

Find You – Nick Jonas: I think I heard this song around, but I never really caught on until I saw Kyle Hanagami’s duet choreography to it. I’ve referenced Hanagami for several of my music favourites in the past, because he always does it so damn well. This one is no different, if not, one of the best.

Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato: It’s been a while since I’ve belted out a good Demi Lovato song, but this one was quick to fill that particular hole in my life. The first time I heard the song I got goosebumps, the first time I saw the music video I was in awe. One of my favourite female singers hands down.

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac: This for sure, was my favourite song of December. If there was a way to see your most played song each month, I would put money on it being The Chain for this month. There’s something so nostalgic about listening to it and feeling the bridge and the guitar solo coming at you like a freight train. I live for it.

Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood: I have absolutely no-one to sing this to, but best believe I’ll sing it the loudest. You’d look at me singing this song and ask yourself, “Damn, who did her wrong?” and the answer to that is absolutely no-one but that changes nothing. You’re lying if you say you don’t sing along to this.

Holding Out – Atticus Street: So I saw Atticus Street live at the end of November, when they played at a showcase I was attending for my friend (which I’m playing at in February), and I was blown away. Then a few days later they shared that they had a single coming out on Spotify and I was so ready. Pleased to share that I was not let down, because this song embodies everything I loved about them when I caught them live.

See Me – Maya Hirasedo: I wrote about Maya a little while ago, and since then I’ve still been listening to her single. It’s all you need to hear if you’re craving some Jene-Kehlani type RnB.

Love Ride – Christian French: Again, I wrote about this song, and how I stumbled upon it in another post, and since then I’ve been searching for more Christian French to listen to. Cannot wait for him to put up some more stuff on Spotify.

Blessed – Daniel Caesar: I tried. So hard. To learn this song on the piano. But nothing can capture this song, and do it justice like Daniel does. How did I find it? Another choreographer. This time, my all time fave, Ian Eastwood, who choreographed an absolute masterpiece to this song and performed it with his group, The Young Lions. It’s absolute magic, and I really recommend you check it out.

Mi Gente – J Balvin, Willy William: I know. This is getting out of control. I’ve mentioned this song several times, and I play it ten times that amount. It’s gotten to a stage where my Dad is requesting it at family parties. Gotten to the point when one of my friends, who is in Spain at the moment, sends me a Snapchat of it playing at a night club and captions it “our song”.

Random – G-Eazy: I heard this song all the time, but I never caught the name of it or never shazaam’d it in time, and then I finally listened to G-Eazy in full and stumbled across it. Now it’s on my gym playlist because how can you listen to this song and not get pumped???

Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire: My family have been celebrating in excess this month, which has reminded me of my absolute love for soul, funk and disco. Which is precisely where this tune falls under. I’m a fan of anything Earth, Wind & Fire, so this song has always been right up my alley, never mind the fact that it made the cut of the Night At The Museum Soundtrack.

Used To Be In Love – Jungle Giants: This one is another classic case of ‘Priya Hearing A Tune At Work And Scrambling To Shazaam It Before It Finishes’. That’s how this one came about. But get around Jungle Giants. I know Australia definitely has.

*Christmas Tunes*

Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande: This song is surely becoming a staple for my future Christmas playlists. It’s magical. Ariana is magical. She should be protected.

This Christmas – Chris Brown: As I’ve mentioned in my post all about Chris Brown, my favourite Chris is Christmas Chris, so this song probably got the biggest run this Christmas from me. The neighbours probably know it word for word.

Jingle Bells – Michael Buble ft The Puppini Sisters: I play this song solely for the pleasure of being an honorary Puppini Sister. Because for once in my life, the only part I’m set on singing is the back up.

Ho Ho Ho – Sia: It was brought to my attention by my younger sister that Sia has a Christmas album. Never mind the fact that she has a whole song about puppies at Christmas, this one was played several times.

All I Want For Christmas – Mariah Carey: You must think I’m a fool if you think I’m gonna bother explaining this one.

*Christmas Tunes done*

Tough Guy – Bene: I found this song on a Spotify AU and NZ discovery playlist, and I have to say. It’s a bop. I don’t know who Bene is, she only has the one song and I haven’t found her Instagram yet, but I’ll set a goal to keep an eye out for her. She’s featured on my yearly playlist if you’d life to check it out, which I recommend you do.

My Favourite Part – Mac Miller, Ariana Grande: My best friend and I were at the beach the other week and as we were leaving, we passed a group of other teenagers sitting near the path along the sand, and there was this one boy was feeling all his feelings singing this song. It was incredible, but we couldn’t for the life of us remember what song it was, so, I shit you not, I hid behind the closest bush I could and shazaam’d it right there.

Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan: As I mentioned before, my family have had a wild month party wise, but nothing was wilder than my uncle climber up on a chair, and belting this louder than Chaka Khan herself, while the rest of my family danced around him like some sort of cult leader. You know I got it on video.


I hope you guys enjoyed this final monthly tunes for the year and hopefully you all had an amazing 2017! Let me know what music you were listening to in the comments below!




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  1. Ooooh love these! A lot of my favourites are up in here too – and seriously it has been a great year for the 1D boys. I never liked one direction, but individually I actually quite like their music. Great post as always – and I can 100% imagine you hiding out shazaaming that guy singing xD xx

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