Songs That Make You Feel ALL The Feelings


Hey kids.

So just going over six months in this blogging business and I feel like most of you would be able to gather, that I’m quite passionate, when it comes to talking about music. Whether it’s a song that makes me feel like a badass, a song that literally transports me to the ocean, music that hypes me up a dangerous amount while driving or music that really gets me going before a big night out. I’m passionate as heck, about all the musics.

However, there’s also those songs that just purely make me. . .feel. Which is odd. So today, all my pals who are emotionally void while watching Jack sink to the bottom of the sea floor in the Titanic but have Instagram folders saved of animal videos and Jim and Pam moments from The Office, this ones for you. Hold on to your hearts.


ALL I WANT – KODALINE: 15 year-old Priya sobbed the first time she heard that. Ew third person, that’s over, but yeah this song made me feel things hard. Especially the live version. When I’m feeling shit, I like to throw this song on to make sure I’m feeling extra shit. Not only is the music ethereal as heck, but the lyrics are so damn sad and I really don’t like how emotional and vulnerable this song makes me feel. It’s slightly disrespectful, hence why this song is at the top of the list.

HUMAN (ACOUSTIC VERSION) – JON BELLION: Bro it has to be the acoustic version. Why? Because you can hear the emotion in Jon’s voice, extra hard in the acoustic version. If you missed me rambling about Jon Bellion in my post dedicated to the man, than I’ll fill you in. This man is magical, and this song is a bloody spell. I’m pretty sure it was the first song I ever heard from Jon and it’s the song that got me obsessed with him.

TO MY KNEES – HILLSONG YOUNG AND FREE: Yo, so I’m very selective when it comes to the worship music I listen to, because unless it gets me hyped, feeling all the right stuff, I can’t listen to it properly. This song does just that. Actual goosebumps every time I hear the song, it’s sooo atmospheric and magical, if you’re a listener of worship music or a fan of Hillsong, definitely give this one a listen.

BROTHER – MATT CORBY: I am a firm believe that Matt Corby is one of the finest things to come out of this country, and he’s doing Australia so proud with this song. The lyrics, the music, everything about this song touches you and you can’t help but get carried away in it.

RECOVERY (ACOUSTIC) – JAMES ARTHUR: Again, the acoustic version is the most important version of this song to exist. This song is probably one of my favourites by James. To date, he is one of my all time favourite male singers, purely because how much emotion he carries in his voice. It’s hypnotic and while he isn’t overly aggressive or present on stage, his voice carries his entire performance and I can only hope I get to see him live on day.

NEVER ENDING – RIHANNA: Rihanna hit hard with this song. This song definitely gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, and it’s an easy second, after Love On The Brain.

TO BUILD A HOME – THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA: This is probably one of the most moving songs I have ever heard in my entire life, and I’ve never met anyone who has disagreed. It’s so intense, and there’s so much ‘light and shade’ in this song that it’s perfect for movies, perfect for choreography, perfect for live performances, it’s insanely magical.

BREATHE – PLUTO: I can’t do this song justice, but I sure did try to in my post all about Pluto and his EP Jessica, so definitely check that out.

GRAVITY – JOHN MAYER: John Mayer has one of the most recognisable male voices to exist, and you hear it so beautifully in this song. It’s my favourite John Mayer song, and while it sure does get you feeling shit, it’s also such a good song to play on a lazy afternoon or a long drive.

HOW TO LOVE – LIL WAYNE: I discovered this song at the tender age of 12, when I really dug deep into my soul and rode the wave with Lil Wayne. To this day, I can’t find it in me to skip this song, ever.

WHEN YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYES – JONAS BROTHERS: Yoooo. Robbed. Forgotten. Slept on. Jo Bro’s deserved a Grammy for this banger. The biggest injustice to face the music industry.

BLOOM – THE PAPER KITES: I featured this song in my post all about colours and music (check it out), and I still to this day can’t remember how I found it, but I have the fondest memories of listening to this song several times a day, driving across the midwest of the United States.

BLESSED – DANIEL CAESAR: Daniel Caesar honestly rose to the heavens in 2017, and I’ve never appreciated an artist like I did with Caesar. Whether it was Japanese Denim, Get You or this incredible song, he was kicking all the goals last year. This song is slowly creeping up to that top spot out of all of his songs. I mentioned it in my December Tunes and it’s honestly still one of my favourite songs at the moment.

DO NOT LET YOUR SPIRIT WANE – GANG OF YOUTHS: I’m PUMPED to see Gang Of Youths next month. This song is my favourite from them, it’s sad as hell, but honestly so uplifting, especially the chorus. It’s such a magical song and here’s to praying I hear it live in their setlist.

ONLY WANNA BE WITH YOU (UNPLUGGED) – SAMM HENSHAW: Again, another incredible male vocalist, who’s criminally underrated and under appreciated. This unplugged version of Only Wanna Be With You was made to take you to church, and Samm’s voice is so amazing on this song.

ONE SWEET DAY – MARIAH CAREY, BOYZ II MEN: Original OG’s of all the feels, this song is everything right in the world. I especially love when it randomly comes on the radio when my mum is listening to her radio stations in the car. It’s the throwback you never knew you needed.

FEELING WHITNEY – POST MALONE: This song. This bloody song. I’m just gonna sit here patiently waiting for this song to get the hype it deserves.

CROSSFIRE – STEPHEN: Honestly, this song always kinda freaks me out a little whenever I listen to it. It’s so freaking intense, it’s insane. It puts you in another different dimension completely. Like, listening to it all alone, especially wearing headphones, kinda gets a bit much, but you have to do it, at least once. For the experience.

WATCH – BILLIE EILISH: Oh my goodness, dudes, I’m seeing Billie next month as well, and I cannot wait to hear this song live. I don’t understand how this girl is 16, like sounds fake but okay. Her voice is so mature it makes me jealous beyond belief, and I haven’t heard a song of hers that I don’t immediately love. This song however, makes me cry.

SKELETONS – YEAH YEAH YEAHS: This one is a bit odd, it’s a bit of a different genre, an interesting song, but it’s atmospheric as heck, which you know I’m a sucker for. I found it after watching Before I Fall, which I recently watched again and loved even more.

I BUILT A FRIEND – ALEC BENJAMIN: The first time I heard this song, I was kinda of like, ‘ha okay what’s this kid talking about?’ but then I listened to it again and I thought, ‘okay why am I crying?’. Trust me. It grows on you.



So I definitely didn’t expect to give you this many songs, however…I was going through my playlist (which of course I have for this very specific selection of songs, and have of course, linked) and it was the biggest struggle to pick from the more than 500 songs. Sometimes I’ll purposefully listen to this playlist to put myself in a mood, other times I use it to amplify all the feelings I’m already feeling, whatever your go, these songs will definitely get you there. Let me know what you think in the comments below, if you have other songs that will bring me to tears I would love to hear!


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  1. YES to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, John Mayer, Kodaline! Ahhh so perfect. This list is everything. Please post more like this! Also, LOVE the Paper Kites – just recently discovered them. A song that make me feel all the feelings is Landslide by Fleetwood Mac + You Should Know Where I’m Coming From by Banks!

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