My Favourite Movie Soundtracks

Movie soundtrack’s are my jam. Especially ones with really good songs that I immediately go home and look for. Jumping right into today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you, some of my all time favourite movie soundtracks. Some are old classics, and some are relatively new films but they have all introduced me to some incredible music. Let’s begin!


Before I Fall



I loved this movie. I’ve watched it twice, and each time I’ve just been hooked. It’s an intense, dark film, but it’s so powerful in it’s message. It’s also got one of the best aesthetics I’ve ever seen in a film, if that makes sense, and a lot of that comes down to to two things. The location, which is stupidly beautiful and breath-taking, and the music. Some of my favourites from this music are On The Regular by Shamir, Genesis and Oblivion by Grimes who we know I loveSkeletons by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and my absolute favourite song, Water Water by Empress Of.


The Greatest Showman



Now I don’t know if it’s taken off quite as well in other places, as it has in Australia, but This Is Me, one of the main songs in the film, has been at No.1 here for a couple of weeks now, and I’m living for it. After watching this movie, I felt so inspired and uplifted, and that’s definitely attributed to the incredible score. Rewrite The Stars performed by Zac Efron and Zendaya has been referred to as the Breaking Free of 2018, and I back the statement, 100%. I still remember hearing Zac sing the first line, and remembering how great his voice really is, and how much I’ve missed seeing him in a performing role since the end of HSM. Zendaya as per usual killed everything she did in the film, especially the vocals on this song. The Other Side, a duet between Zac and Hugh Jackman is another commendable song from the film, especially the dance sequence they do in the bar in the film. Personally, my favourite songs are the title track, The Greatest Show, which is the greatest prelude for the entire film, and the final song, From Now On, which has the perfect mix of show tune and country twang to it, which makes it one of the most uplifting songs in the film. 10/10, would recommend.





I’m slightly biased on this film, since you are hearing this from Kamilah, commonly known as Dynamite #3, and I was listening to the soundtrack for a solid six months when my high school performed the musical during my final year. Anyone who does theatre, knows how bloody aggressive theatre kids are, and our all girls school combined with an all boys school to put it on, so it was an intense few months. Some of my favourites from the musical are The Nicest Kids In TownLadies Choice, performed by Zac Efron which is sadly not in the musical version, Welcome To The 60’s cos Dynamites hehe, Big Blonde and Beautiful, because I will never forget how amazing my friend was when she performed it, and I Know Where I’ve Been, because we adjusted it so it was only  Queen Latifah, Little Inez Stubbs and The Dynamites, and I cry every time.


Guardians Of The Galaxy



Anyone who’s seen the films, will know that both the soundtracks are filled with incredible rock classics that has everyone in the cinemas nodding or singing along. The soundtracks fill the movie with this sense of nostalgia, mixed with the right amount of new age sound that aligns with the genre of the movie. I loved both the movies, I might watch them again before university starts up again.


Thor: Ragnarok



Along similar lines as the previous movie, I saw Thor: Ragnarok with my best friend, and the soundtrack is incredible. Again, similar type of music, a bunch of rock classics, that seemed to fit the film perfectly. Some of my favourites include Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, Watch Me by Jaden Smith, Believer by Imagine Dragons, La Grange by ZZ Top, Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith and Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Again, another movie I would honestly recommend to anyone.


Singing In The Rain



I’ve grown up on this movie, singing the songs, learning the dances and forcing all my friends who came home to watch it with me. I know this movie by heart, which means I’m unhealthily, emotionally attached to the songs that feature in it. It was the movie/musical that really, really got me into musicals, old classical ones, and my dad and I have binged watched anything Gene Kelly, this being my top favourite. Some favourites from Singing In The Rain are Make Em Laugh which was performed by Donald O’Connor,  Good Morning performed by Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds and Moses, which features the best dance duet from Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor.



Have you got any other movie favourites with killer soundtracks? I’d love some new recommendations, movies and music are both my jam, so let me know! Hopefully you enjoyed hearing about some of my favourite movie soundtracks!




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8 thoughts on “My Favourite Movie Soundtracks

  1. I totally agree with the, “Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtracks they just fit the era that the film is supposed to be set in. Although I think I have a soft spot for the volume I soundtrack- “If you like Pina Coladas..” 🙂 XxX

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