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Hello friends! Today I’m here with another Courtesy Of, this time, brought to you by a young YouTuber from Denmark, living in Singapore, Amalie Star.


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Amalie was kind enough to share her top ten favourite songs at the moment, so here they are!


Lyin Star – Jhene Aiko: Since hearing this song, it’s been stuck in my head. I’ve never listened to a lot of Jhene, but this is such a sick song, I’ve definitely added it to some of my playlists.

Where Did I Go – Jorja Smith: We all know how obsessed with Jorja Smith I am, so we understand how pumped I was to see this in Amalie’s list. This is one of her best songs in my personal opinion. The drum beat is the funkiest part, but nothing beats Jorja’s voice.

All The Time 2 – Wintertime: I’d never heard this song until Amalie sent me her list, and all I get is Gucci Gang vibes times ten. They definitely sound nothing alike beat wise, but the rapping, in my head, follows the same flow.

Two Shots – Goody Grace, gnash: Instant The Neighbourhood and G-Eazy vibes. I’ve only listened to a few songs from gnash, but this is probably gonna be one of my favourites from him.

Anymore – Ella Mai: Ella Mai is one of the most underrated female singers ever, so again, insanely excited to see her on Amalie’s list. If you’re looking for beautiful RnB singer with crazy vocals, then Ella Mai is all you need. Unpopular opinion, definitely prefer Ella to Jhene.

Run Me Dry – Bryson Tiller: I never jumped on the Bryson Tiller train, but I definitely understand why so many did. Of all the songs that I’ve heard from Tiller, this may just be my favourite. A huge thank you to Amalie to introducing this song to my life. It’s a bop.

So Sick – Ne-Yo: We all know this song. It’s still to this day, one of my all time favourite shower songs. Amalie’s only 15, and while that’s not ridiculously young, this song came out in 2006. She would have been like…4. It just shows how amazing this song is. It’s one of my all time favourite RnB songs to exist.

Because Of You – Ne-Yo: Another slap from Ne-Yo. I still remember caching this song on my old iPhone 3GS back when you couldn’t listen to music without wasting all the internet data your phone had. I honestly try to sing every part of this song, lead and back-up.

Bad Religion – Frank Ocean: Aside from Lost, this is my favourite Frank Ocean. channel ORANGE was the best Frank Ocean album released, never got around the most recent one, but this is one of the best songs on the record. 100% round of applause to Amalie for including it on her list.

No Scrubs – William Singe: One of Australia’s finest exports, William Singe. This cover is incredible, and I definitely understand Amalie including this one. Will has the perfect voice for old RnB songs, the stuff released in the late 90’s, early 2000’s, and this sums that up perfectly. And the falsetto. Honestly.


A huge thank you to Amalie for sharing her favourite songs. I definitely found a couple new favourites from her list, hopefully you enjoyed some of the songs she shared too!

For one of the finest Instagram grids I have ever seen, you can follow Amalie’s Instagram, linked of course, and if you’d like to check out her YouTube, you can subscribe to her channel for amazing fashion, lifestyle and makeup videos!

Let me know what you thought of Amalie’s favourite songs in the comments below, and I’d love to hear some of your own recommendations too!

P.S – let me know what you think of a theme change? I’ve been playing with the idea for a little while now, and would love any feedback you have about my current theme! Is it easy to navigate? What are the set backs? Does it look pretty????




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