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Wow, wow, wow. The first Monthly Tunes of the year. I’m kind of freaking out internally because one of my first posts ever on this blog was a Monthly Tunes, it was my May Tunes and that was at the beginning of June, meaning I’ve just passed six months of You Should Hear. Exciting times.


The month of January arrived like a freight train, but it’s already gone as quickly as it came, meaning, I have a months worth of tunes to dump on all of you guys. Here’s what I was listening to in January.


Naive – The Kooks: This was definitely a favourite towards the end of December and the beginning of January, just because I was amping myself up to see The Kooks live at Festival Hall, which I babbled all about in a completely seperate post.

Tough Guy – Bene: I definitely remember adding this song to my December Tunes, and it hasn’t lost it’s place in this months favourites. I’m still so confused about this chick. Initially I couldn’t find her Instagram for the life of me, until it suddenly appeared on my recommended users (swear to God the government has no concept of privacy) and she only has just over 300 followers? Why isn’t there more hype over this girl? Given, this is her only song on Spotify, but it’s criminal.

Havana – Camila Cabello: This song continued to make the rounds throughout January and I couldn’t escape it, though I wasn’t mad about that.

Sunrise – The Kooks: This was added after the concert, when I came back only slightly gutted that they didn’t play this song, it being my favourite. So it was only fair to blast it for a majority of January to make up for the loss.

Finesse (Remix) – Bruno Mars, Cardi B: This song came out very early in January, and up until now, and probably for a very long time, well into the year, I’ve played it every single day. How can you not? I love Cardi B as a rapper and as a person, and the same goes for Bruno Mars. It’s like everything you miss from the 90’s hip hop era, brought back, but in one of the most current songs Mars has released, and no shade, no lie, I love this version 10 times more than the original one.

How To Be A Heartbreaker – Marina and The Diamonds: I’ve never, ever listened to any other Marina and The Diamonds song, other than this one. Why? Because I can’t find one I like as much as this.

Water Water – Empress Of: This has to be one of the ultimate favourites of January. My friends and I watched Before I Fall when we were away and it reminded me how much I loved the soundtrack, the blog post I wrote dedicated to the soundtrack, and this song in particular. Empress Of is a queen.

Kiss The Sky – Tunes Of I: How can I even begin to explain this one? It’s hard but I had a crack a few posts ago, when I rambled and gushed about Tunes Of I, and this song especially.

Grow Up And Be Kids – The Cab: Only recently did I rediscover my love of The Cab, and get violently thrown back to 13 year old Priya, who had to cache the song when I had the MP3 Player app on my iPhone 3G so I didn’t use up all the data I had. It’s such a good song, and my favourite by The Cab.

Loving Is Easy – Rex Orange County: This song as always been my favourite from Rex, it’s definitely the most well know, but it was only after I binged watched the YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, that I really got obsessed with it again and added it to my favourites for the month. That said, if you’re looking for a new YouTuber, I cannot recommend her enough. During the solid week that I was just hooked on her, I saw her go from just under 480K subscribers, to currently 548k???? It’s insane but I don’t question it cos she’s hilarious.

Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds: Again, due to watching this movie when I was away, I played this song non-stop during the month. Surely no-one needs me to explain it?

Supernova – Ansel Elgort: I am the biggest advocate for Ansel Elgort, not only as an incredible actor, but as an incredible musician. This song is slightly more hip-hop/RnB than his usual EDM stuff, but I love the direction he’s taking. He released Supernova earlier this month and it’s already in my 2018 playlist.

About This Thing – Young Franco: This song came under my radar when I was watching a YouTube dance video from Tim Milgrim who films all the Millennium Dance Studio classes, and saw Jake Kodish’s choreography to it. Not only was the dance so good, but I immediately became obsessed with the song.

Doo Wop – Lauryn Hill: So this was an exciting favourite. I’m going to Blues Fest in Byron Bay in March, and they’re still adding acts to the set list. I swear to God I spammed my family group chat so hard when they announced Lauryn Hill, my Fugees queen was performing and the the response I got back from my mum was an underwhelming ‘ok’.

Roses – Chris Brown: This song is one of my favourites from Brown’s recent album. I initially overlooked it but I found it again in January and it’s now a staple.

My, My, My! – Troye Sivan: I first heard this song when the music video was released, and I don’t know if it was the combination of the music with the incredible music video and effects, but I instantly became obsessed with it. On a little side note, whenever I hear For You by Liam Payne and Rita Ora from the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack, I can’t help but mash these two together. In my head, they fit perfectly, and it frustrates me to no end that I’m not sure how to do it myself yet. If someone could combine My, My, My! and For You for me, that would be incredibly appreciated.

Can’t Afford It All – Jakubi: This was added after my incredible experience at the Australian Open Live Stage, when Jakubi opened for Rudimental. This has been my favourite song since I first saw them three years ago, and nothing was different this time either.

Love You Like That – Dagny: I’ve had another Dagny song in my favourites previously, so I’m on a bit of a roll with her music. She recently released Love You Like That and I’m in love with it.

Collide – Odette: I’m embarrassed to say it took me several listens before I actually realised how good this song was, simply because my impatient ass skipped it before it got to the good part. That said, Odette has an amazing voice, but the ‘good part’ only begins a minute in. I’m glad I gave it the five chances I did.

Nexus – Niykee Heaton: THIS SONG. I can’t remember for the death of me who’s blog I saw it on, but it was a part of a motivational playlist, and it’s the one song from their playlist that’s made it’s way onto at least four of my personal playlists, as well as my January favourites. It’s such a track, and I’m obsessed with Niykee Heaton’s style.

Mi Gente: J Balvin, Willy William: I know. You’re thinking ‘Surely not again Priya?’. This song was my most played song in 2017, and I’ll be damned if I don’t bring it into 2018 with me. I can’t foresee me getting sick of this song anytime soon. It’s been in so many of my past blog posts, I know you’re sick of it, so I’ll end that there.

Down Time – Aaradhna: I cannot get over Aaradhna’s voice. She’s currently one of my favourite New Zealand artists. This song has huge Corinne Bailey Ray vibes for me, like Girl Put Your Records On, but it’s the ultimate chill song. Give it a listen.


So that’s what I was listening to this month! Hopefully you all had an amazing January, I know I did, let me know in the comments!



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4 thoughts on “January Tunes

  1. Damn girl six months already! Congratulations 😀 As always a damn fine playlist – and I can DEFINITELY relate to hearing Havana fucking everywhere. I’m not AGAINST the song, but I really don’t need it in my Youtube autoplay box every 3 songs when I’ve never searched for it of my own accord xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! Doesn’t seem like six I swear I started three months ago! I’m glad you liked the playlist, Havana is literally on the radio, on Spotify shuffle, in shops, at my gym, I cannot escape it! xx


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