The Love of Headphones

Much to my mum’s dismay, a huge part of my day is sitting down at my desk and getting on with whatever work I have to do, accompanied by the Christmas present she and my dad probably regret the most, my headphones. So today, that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about.

There are a ton of headphones out there, with a bunch of variances that are tailored to different people, their needs and lifestyles. That said, there are definitely a few that I’ve come to understand as some of the most popular ones around, some that are great quality, that deliver the best sound, and some that give you your bang for your buck, without skimping out on the production.

Here’s five of the headphones that I’ve heard the most about, or managed to try myself.




I’m a huge advocate for Audio Technica. While you probably know them more for their turntables made famous at Urban Outfitters, their headphone range is incredible, whether you’re looking for over ear headphones to connect to your phone or laptop, in-ear headphones for working out, or in my case, studio headphones for taking into the recording studio. AT have a huge range, and they’re all fantastic quality. However, these bad boys are amongst the most popular. I’m on the look out for some bluetooth wireless headphones at the moment and these are sounding really good. They aren’t ridiculously pricey, but if you are on a strict budget, then maybe look for something else, as they do retail for around US$120.




Beats are renown for making some of the best over-head and on-ear headphones, so the progression to in-ears is only natural. I have heard great things about these headphones, however they are priced a bit higher than the AT, retailing at $149.95. But, when it comes to wireless headphones, these are somewhere at the top of the list. With a 2 hour battery after a five minute charge, their small, compact size make them portable and comfortable. These seem like they would be great to take into the gym or for a run (which we know I don’t do). I know from experience that the iPhone in-ears aren’t the greatest when it comes to actually staying in your ear during exercise, so these could serve as a good alternative, albeit maybe an expensive one depending on your budget and how much you plan on using them.


Skullcandy Grind


Skullcandy are an old favourite amongst those who are looking for great quality sound from their headphones, without having to blow a paycheque. You can find these on Amazon for just around $40, which is great for anyone on a budget, yet still looking for a good quality set of headphones. While they are wired, they do give you the ability to pause/play, switch tracks and take calls easily.



Possibly some competition for Beats, is Bose. While I have Beats myself, majority of the speakers in our house, portable and standing, are Bose, just due to the quality of the sound they produce. It seems their in-ear headphones are no different with these being amongst the most highly rated in-ear headphones I found. Selling for $149.95, same as the Beats, the price is definitely an indicator of the quality you pay for. They do outlast the Beats, in terms of battery life, running for six hours on one full charge, and they’re clearly made for physical activity and outdoor use, making sure to note they are sweat and weather resistant.




I have to admit, most of what you’ll read now is pretty biased since this is the pair of headphones I currently have on my head right now. These are a classic set of headphones from Beats, and since receiving them for Christmas two years ago, I have not a single complaint. They’ve lasted perfectly, and the sound is still as clear as it was when I first tried them, sustaining through rigorous use, almost daily. They’re priced at $139.95, which is cheaper than the newer in-ears and the Bose in-ears. That said, they aren’t bluetooth, so you are restricted by a wire when you use them. I love the bass booster that’s in most Beats products, however these headphones in particular aren’t suitable for studio use because of that, hence why I turn to the Audio Technica option.


Now, while my headphones are basically sacred, a huge factor that makes them as great as they are, is the music you listen to with them. There is nothing better than turning up the volume to a dangerously high level while wearing your headphones and letting the music completely wrap you up like a cocoon. So naturally, I’ve got some tunes for you to listen to, that are made especially great when listened to through a good set of headphones.

You’re welcome.

Faking It – Calvin Harris, Kehlani
Grows Old – Third Story
Home – Johnnswim
Home – DOTAN
End Of Time – Ecca Vandal
The Heart Is A Muscle – Gang of Youths
Brakelights – Omar Apollo
Overtime – boy pablo
If Only – TEEKS
Collide – Odette
Bloom – The Paper Kites
Resolution – Matt Corby
Unexpected Feeling – Gretta Ray
Badge And Gun – John Mayer
Lights Down Low – MAX
Boom Clap – Lennon and Maisy
Guillotine – Jon Bellion
Purple Rain – Prince
My Favourite Part – Mac Miller, Ariana Grande
Telepathy – Christina Aguilera
Arcadia – The Kite String Tangle
Fool For You – Zayn
Love Ride – Christian French
Blessed – Daniel Caesar
Jungle – Tash Sultana


So yeah! Hopefully this post helped someone out, I know researching and looking into different headphones definitely helped me out with deciding what direction I want to go in with my next set. And I definitely hope you enjoy listening to some of the songs above.




Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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7 thoughts on “The Love of Headphones

  1. What took me a long time to realize is that investing in a good set of headphones is worth every penny. I would always buy crappy cheap ones every few months and the quality was just not good – nie that I have good headphones and speakers listening to music is so much more fun! And great playlist, I’ll definitely check some of these tracks out 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was the exact same! It wasn’t until I really started taking recording and my music seriously that I realised the impact a good pair of headphones or speakers make. Headphones are now something I will never skimp out on when buying a new pair! Glad you enjoyed it, let me know if you find any tunes you love! xx

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  2. Girl yes. I LOVE earphones (my hair is way too much for headphones; it gets tangled and messy and just not a good idea) and definitely think paying more is worth it. (Especially because I listen to music literally 80% of my day, so cheap ones break like within a month). Skullcandy and beats are probably my favourites atm! Love this kind of post from you btw xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!! I will never go past a good pair of headphones, sooo satisfying when you buy a good pair and get an insane quality sound! I listen to music nearly every hour of the day so I’m definitely making good use of the beats and the apple in ear earphones get better and better with each new release. Thank you!! Lil bit nervous about it Cos it’s a little bit different but I’m glad you liked it, I might do some more! Xx

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  3. […] Hope you’re all well! Today’s post is a bit of a throwback, to one of my more informational posts, which gave you the run-down on a bunch of different headphones options, over-ears, on-ears,  in ears, noise cancelling, wireless and non-wireless, the whole shebang. You can read it HERE. […]


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