Sabrina Claudio + The Girl Crush

So if you Google the term ‘girl crush’, this is what you’re presented with;

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 1.12.05 pm


The above, basically sums up all the feelings I have for Sabrina Claudio, the angel that she is.




The first song I heard by her, after seeing her name floating around here and there, was Confidently Lost. . . and I promptly had to pick my jaw up off of the ground. Not only was I immediately in love with the song, but her voice gave me shivers. Shivers that swear to God didn’t calm until the entire song finished. Since I finally listened to it the other day, it’s one of my most played songs, and my little sister has made some complaints about how many times she’s had to hear the same song. Falling on deaf ears, but she complains none the less.

Her voice has this incredible range, and the song sticks up in the higher end of the scale for majority of the song, but she jumps notes like it’s absolutely nothing. She sings these incredibly high notes all the while her voice is so in control of everything that comes out and it’s so pleasing to listen to. The song itself is so catchy, despite how hard it is to sing, because trust me I’ve tried, and the beat is subtle but it matches her voice and her vibe to a tee.




Naturally, my next move was to binge her entire discography. Considering she released seven tracks on an album named after the song I just mentioned, Confidently Lost, and then another twelve songs on another, About Time, all within 2017, it was very much an achievable move on my behalf and it was not one I will regret anytime soon.

Another favourite of mine, aside from Confidently Lost, is Frozen, from the About Time album. It’s got that old, Leon Bridges type guitar, and her voice is so soft and gentle but you can feel the emotion in it so strongly. I have a slight feeling that if I continue to listen to this song as much as I currently am, it will soon become my favourite SC song. I also have strong opinions about a Daniel Caesar x Sabrina Claudio collaboration and I dare anyone to tell me I’m wrong.

The saying goes, ‘God’s plan over my plan’ so I can only count myself blessed, when a video with her annoyingly beautiful face popped up on my YouTube dashboard this morning. Here you go, even more reason to love this girl.



Like surely I don’t need more reasons to actually want to be her, let alone be her best friend. I hope you watched the video so you could get as angry as I did hearing her sing the song, just as good, if not better, as the studio recording. And she’s not even trying. She doesn’t use any big words or confusing phrases, but she explains the meanings and reasonings behind all the lyrics so eloquently, which makes me love the song so much more.

Definitely give her Sabrina’s music a listen. I promise you, no matter what your taste, you will find something in her music, in her lyrics, in her voice, to enjoy and really admire. Personally I love it all, but have a listen for yourself and let me know what you think!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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4 thoughts on “Sabrina Claudio + The Girl Crush

  1. It’s so neat, my friend just introduced me to her last week! She’s so amazing and her lyrics speak to me. You’re right, she doesn’t even seem to be trying, lol. If you love her, you’ll probably love Jessie Reyez.

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