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Hello friends. So I’ve recently made a couple more posts that let you into my world a bit more as a student, a music student specifically. I really enjoyed reading some of your comments on those posts and have found that the topic of college and university is one I find myself reading about a lot on here. So I thought, I’d pick a day, which happened to be Thursday March the 1st, the last day of my first week back at university and record parts of my day, thoughts I have, shit that goes through my head and the general overview of my day at university. Let me know if you enjoyed this, I only ever really have two classes any day of the week, so sometimes my days are bit dry. If you like getting inside my head a bit more, we could do it again???

Okay. Making good time since I was getting out of bed 45 minutes ago. . . though my bus is in ten minutes meaning I have to scoff this bread roll and chug my orange juice.

Screw. This. It’s cold, slightly drizzling and the last day of summer yesterday apparently means the sun is a now show at the moment. Omg, there’s an old lady at the bus stop, could be cute, could be creepy, will confirm.

She cute.

I dislike trains and need to get my license ASAP, but thank God I’m finally at university. As per usual I’m the first one outside the lecture hall thanks to my early as heck bus and train timings. I have high hopes for this course, Music In Popular Culture.

Okay, this lecturer is talking about HIGH/LOW ART and the problems with viewing pop music and popular culture as inferior and I am LIVING for this, did she read my blog post?

We finished a bit early since it was the first lecture, but it was really interesting. I mean, my lecturer just recently finished submitting her PhD studying stardom using Lady Gaga as her case. The class is huge because it’s students from all over Media and Communications, so our lecture hall is four times the size of my course lecture hall. It seems like it’ll be a great course – does it make up for waking at the ass crack of dawn? To be confirmed. But I have an hour break now which is obviously being filled with bubble tea.

Okay. That tutorial was a little dry, but I’m gonna be optimistic and put it down to it being the first class. We had introductions which made me cry inside while I told the whole class about myself. Someone cheered when my answer to ‘what’s the last gig you went to’ was Billie Eilish and I felt my soul leave my body in relief. Acceptance is much appreciated. But now I’m currently stuck in a throng of students who are packed into this courtyard for club signups of which I have no interest. No thank you, I don’t want to join the Dragon Boat club. Thank God, I’m on my way to have some sushi with my best friend, order is about to be restored.

What Makes You Beautiful is playing in this sushi train style restaurant. Kate and I have whiplash from how quickly we turned to each other. Getting war flashbacks.


Neither of us have any experience with a sushi train, do you just . . . grab it off the train? Are we committing theft? Why do we have an iPad? What’s the protocol? Omg spring rolls.

Nah, the girl next to me has a plate of whole shrimp heads and all I can think of is Mr Bean in Mr Bean’s Holiday in the fancy restaurant, Kate’s body is shaking while she laughs and I’m choking on my gyoza.

My day is done. Finally waiting for my train home so I can relax and get some shit done. Maybe. I’ll try.

As anticipated, not much as been done. Answered emails, watched some YouTube videos, listened to some Justice Der and scrolled endlessly though social media. We still have 7 hours of the day left.

I’ve had this guitar in my hands for a solid hour and nothing is happening. Nothing is coming to me and I’m frustrated to say the least, so I’m gonna stop before I smash it over my own head.

So decided to check on my uni noticeboard, and have discovered I have 17 pages of a readings and note taking to do. I love it. So pleased. Cannot wait to get stuck into it. Yay.

Married At First Sight on catch-up marathon with my dad is currently underway and I’ve yelled at the TV a total of 8 times, but it’s fine. Goggle Box is after this, and I’d really like to stick around for Blue Bloods but I can feel my body slowly shutting down each and every time Nasser grabs his bloody man bag and rides off on his scooter after leaving Gabby in her apartment, at her home stay, so I may have to call it quits.

So that was my day for Thursday the 1st of March guys. Hopefully you enjoyed it. That’s kind of the general flow of the week for me, sometimes timings are a bit different and I have entire mornings free or I’m only in for one class and I’m done by 11:30, but this was a good day, just the usual. Hopefully you had fun reading, let me know what you thought!




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  1. Love stuff like this haha! I think it’s partly because i’m so nosy but it’s also such a nice way to get to know the person behind the blog 🙂 x

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