Jet At The Zoo

Hello friends! Today I’m back with another gig review! If you’ve been keeping on top of my gig guide, you would know that March began with another live show, this time, being Jet at the Melbourne Zoo Twilights.

Amongst the list of acts performing at the Twilights, Jet definitely stood out to me, just because of how heavy their influence was on my childhood, and the slap of nostalgia I receive whenever I hear their name or their music.

They formed in 2001, and their initial roots come from a south-eastern suburb not too far off from me. Throughout the night Jess, Kate and I continued to gawk at how they literally went to a high school we’re incredibly familiar with. I also achieved ‘Singstar’ on their song Are You Gonna Be My Girl on SingstarRock, on several occasions.

Thanks to the concert being within the Zoo, we had tickets to go see some animals so straight after work I rushed home and got ready, then drove to the station where I met my best friends Jess and Kate on the train. It was the usual train ride into the city, before heading out of Melbourne Central to catch the tram to the zoo. In complete honesty, we probably walked up and down Swanston Street for far too long before realising we had to be on the other side of Melbourne Central to find our tram stop, so ended up doing a lap of the centre, before making a final (and illegal) sprint across the road to catch our tram that had just pulled up.

But it doesn’t end there.

I take total blame for us getting off a stop early. That said, I’d like to shoulder the blame off onto PTV, the public transport app, and the contradicting directions we were all getting on our phones. Ten minutes of walking later, and we were at the gates of the zoo.

Elephants and butterflies.


That’s all we wanted to see, so after collecting some free electrical handheld fans, we made our way towards the elephant enclosure. Where we saw no elephants. It was disappointing to say the least, but I was gonna see a bloody elephant, even if it meant I missed the rest of the show. We did however get into the butterfly house for Kate, which left Jess and I dodging the butterflies while we speed walked through.

(Hey if someone wants to help me learn how to centre an Instagram post, would be appreciated muchly.)

As I said, we weren’t leaving until we saw some elephants. We had walked through the elephant entrance, past the elephant statues, through the education centre were we had all spent time during primary school and high school field trips, but we hadn’t seen a single elephant, not even an ear. So naturally, we spotted the exit of the elephant sanctuary, and ignoring the ‘Do No Enter’ sign, we entered through the back entrance anyway, and ELEPHANTS.


We had all the elephants. To ourselves. We spent a good half an hour with the elephants, talking to them, taking photos, sending photos to friends on Snapchat, cheering the baby elephant on as it struggled with lifting a log and generally enjoying the animals. Highlight.

So finally, we make our way out onto the green, after getting some drinks of course, and lay out our spread of fruit, crackers, cheese, biscuits and dip on our blanket and settled in. We were ages away from the stage, because while Jet are a spectacular band and we love a good few of their songs, we rather not go up against some of the hardcore fans, some of whom were twice our age. However, the sound system was spectacular which meant we heard everything so clearly.


It was a really cute night. A lot of families, some couples, little kids running around, and the literal sound of nostalgia floating across the park. Bats were constantly flying overhead, and as the night wore on, more and more people were standing up to have a dance and head bang. Jet performed a couple of their classics and before long they moved into the encore. Anticipating the crowds, more than 1000 people in front of us who would all be leaving at the same time, we quickly packed up our stuff and made the short walk to the zoo gates along with some other smart people. The general eeriness, knowing their were tigers and elephants and giraffes literally meters away from us in all directions was so cool to think about as we walked out. An Uber ride to the train station, short train trip and a car ride later, and we were all back home.

I think in this instance, this concert wasn’t so much about as getting as close to the stage as possible, or moshing with a huge crowd and losing our voices. It was more so about being in the environment of the zoo, enjoying the animals, having a night to ourselves to listen to some incredible Australian music, hang out with the girls and have a picnic. It was a beautiful night, and I reckon we’ll be definitely attending another Melbourne Zoo Twilights concert again!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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