Just Like Fruit

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Hopefully you’ve heard of Just Like Fruit. If you haven’t, hold tight.

They’re a fairly new band, forming in 2016, and they released their first EP in December of that year. Based out of Brighton, the five-piece are a definite recommendation for fans of Courtney Barnett and The Rolling Stones. I read their press release while listening to their EP and when they mentioned Barnett and the Stones, everything clicked and it all made sense because I can definitely see fans of those artists thoroughly enjoying Just Like Fruit.

I was contacted by the dudes to share their latest music video, for their song Mama Said, but before I do, I obviously have to share my opinion because it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.

Just Like Fruit 1_preview

I have to admit, the guys appeal to a part of my musical being that is in love with a noisy guitar and vocals that are just made to sing along to. While the music video is fantastic, as is the song, my personal favourite songs from their EP are Dear Richard and Fun Fair. Favourite, as in Dear Richard definitely features on my yearly playlist for 2018 (it’s linked because I love promoting myself and my Spotify, and have zero shame in doing so) and I’ve been listening to it over and over again.

But anyway, on to the star of the show. I have to profusely apologies to Just Like Fruit on the delay with this post, considering the music video was released back at the start of February. That said, it’s such a good music video. It’s playful and fun, but still so well done. The music video and Mama Said match perfectly, and I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face while watching it.

See for yourself.

See? See what I mean? It looks like a good time, is all I’m saying.

The guys have also featured on Sofar, the intimate gigs put on in the homes and spaces of volunteers, that you know I’ve loved based on the numerous times I’ve mentioned it in the past.

Just Like Fruit 2_preview.jpeg

Get ready for the mad links I’m about to provide you with. You’re welcome.

You can find Just Like Fruit on Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.

Let me know what you think of Just Like Fruit and if you enjoyed their music and music video as much as I did.



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8 thoughts on “Just Like Fruit

  1. Dudette, that music video was freaking awesome. Just the type of thing I like. It was funny, cinematic. It made fun of old time westerns but also gave tribute to them at the same time. And I’m a huge fan of Americana and bluegrass music, so they are up my alley. Love the folk sound. I’ll have to have a listen to their other stuff. Thank you 🙂

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    • Dudette! I’m so glad you enjoyed them!! I was so intrigued when they popped into my inbox and I was instantly in love with that music video so I’m glad you agree! Definitely give there other stuff a listen, sounds like you would not regret it xx

      Liked by 1 person

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