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Hey my dudes! I have some really fun posts coming for you soon, but for now, I thought I’d do a quick share of five songs I have been loving recently. They’re only single songs rather than entire albums or artists, so I thought I’d combine them all into one post for you all!

Street Punks On A Freight Train – Bryce Vine
This song. This intro. I discovered it through a YouTuber I watch, Justin Escalona. If you haven’t heard of him, you’re missing out and I wrote a blog post all about him and his channel which I’ve linked for you, so definitely check that out. Justin is constantly including snippets of amazing songs, released and unreleased, throughout his vlogs and the intro to this song has featured in his last three videos. Given, it’s the background music for the mad sprint him and his friends make to the liquor store, but it makes the scene. So I shazaam’d the song, and found it on Spotify. This song is so good. It belongs in an indie teen flick, and I could totally imagine it in Before I Fall, a film that has become a whole entire aesthetic in itself that I continuously refer to and recommend to everyone I meet.

Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky, Chris Brown
Okay. The song itself, is shit. It’s seems like a bit of a joke. But…it’s catchy as hell, and I only listen to it as much as I do because of the music video. If you haven’t seen it, I 100% recommend watching it, purely for the laughs. It’s one of the best music videos released this early in the year, and I laughed throughout the whole thing. My little sister and I were both singing it at home the other day, without realising that the other knew the song too. It was a sister bonding moment, I promise.

Polygraph Eyes – YUNGBLUD
This song, is so, so important. It’s a brutally honest song about sexual assault and the conversation that needs to be had, especially coming from a male and his perspective. Billboard described it as a ‘subtle commentary about consent and “lad mentality”‘ and that hits the nail on the head. The music video which was released on the 15th of this month is just as jarring. It’s a song that I’ve found myself actively thinking about when I listen to it. I’ve Googled the lyrics and it’s not a song you can just put on as background noise. I’ve featured YUNGBLUD in playlists before, and shared him on this blog, but this is probably my favourite song ever released by him. It comes from his debut self-titled EP, and the subject matter on the release is so broad and varied, yet each song makes a huge statement about whatever the topic is, and I’m living for it. Hard-hitting topics, paired with incredible pop-rock beats and Dominic Harrison, YUNGBLUD has a voice that I can’t ignore. Definitely check out YUNGBLUD.

Done For Me – Charlie Puth, Kehlani
The bass, my friends, the bass. This song literally drives my entire body when I’m walking in the middle of the city to and from classes. I love Charlie Puth. Incredible singer, incredible musician, incredible songwriter and producer. Surely I don’t need to talk about how excited I was to see Kehlani’s name on this track. Her voice and the power she has carries through her verse so perfectly and she’s so versatile in all the songs she can lend her voice to. This song is so funky, but I simply cannot get over the bass. Especially in the breaks between the singing. You can really hear it during the first verse that Charlie sings, and I was hooked as soon as I heard it, and obsessed when I heard it blended with Kehlani’s verse.

Emerald – Rini
Dudes. My d u d e s. This song is magic on tape. I initially first saw Rini when he was busking in the city after a long day of university on my way back to Flinders Street Station. I swear to god I stood there, infront of the Commonwealth Bank where he was singing and watched him for half an hour. His voice gives me chills whenever I listen, and I hopped on this song the second it was release. If you’re a fan of Daniel Caesar, which you know I am, give this song a listen. Vocals as smooth as honey, the chilled out guitar that makes everything sound like magic and the right type of percussion that hits you in just the perfect way, it’s this incredible blend of sounds, topped off with beautiful lyrics. Possibly in love, will get back to you on that. Also listen to My Favourite Clothes.



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