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Hello my friends! I apologise for the lack of content up in the last week or so, I promise that will be explained soon. I also know that we are four days into April already, so I’m a little later than usual, but better late than never, so here’s my favourite songs during the month of March.


Dark Red – Steve Lacy: Obsessed. With. This. Song. The guitar, Steve’s singing, the lyrics and the whole style of the song especially during the chorus. I love it so much, it’s such a chilled out, easy to listen to song, it’s hard not to love it.

Money – Amine: Ahhh. My man. This song has been a constant favourite since some time last year, and it’s made a reappearance on this month’s favourites. If you haven’t had a listen by now, you’re seriously missing out.

Bum Bum Tam Tam – MC Fioti, J Balvin, Stefflon Don, Future, Juan Magan: This song is everything I love about latin music and reggaeton, and as the wave from Despacito and Mi Gente slowly moves past, this song is steadily fitting that hole in my heart. Check at Matt Steffanina’s dance choreography to the song as well since it played a huge role in how obsessed with this song I am.

She’s A Genius – Jet: This song is on the list, like several, due to going to a gig for the band. I wrote about the night on a seperate blog post, so feel free to check it out too, but this song became a new favourite after the night was done!

Stir Fry – Migos: My whole family, bar my mum, love this song. For some unknown reason, it comes on in the car whenever my sister, my dad and I are on the way to the gym and we hype the heck up. Dance moves and all.

About You – G Flip: Get. Around. G Flip. I promise you you won’t regret it. She uploaded a song onto Triple J Unearthed, and I think within four hours it was getting airplay on Triple J and she was blowing up around Australia. Since then she’s performed in the States and she’s sold out a headlining tour here in Australia. I’m so keen to hear more from her.

Heaven – Julia Michaels: I’ve time and time again advocated that you can 100% be in love with a song. That goes for this song. In love. The lyrics, the style, the music, Julia’s voice, I love it all. I listen to it more than several times a day, especially on the way into university on the train.

Straight Up & Down – Bruno Mars: This was my Bruno Mars warm-up song before I saw him live at Rod Laver Arena. I’d seen him perform it at his live Apollo Theatre concert special that had been aired on TV twice before the concert so I was amped enough as it was.

Chunky – Bruno Mars: This was my post Bruno Mars groove song. It was one of my favourites he performed during the concert, but this song has always been on of my top picks from the album.

Barcelona – Ed Sheeran: I don’t think I’d ever listened to this song as much as I did before and after the concert, you can also check out that post too! I listened beforehand because of how much I found I liked the song, and afterwards because I was shattered he didn’t sing it.

Moon River – Frank Ocean: If there’s anything you do after reading this post, make sure it’s listening to this cover. The Andy William’s one is a classic, and I’ve loved it for ages, but I have to say, I much prefer Ocean’s cover. It’s such a different take on the song, but he nails it in a completely different light. His voice is honey on this song as well, so there’s always that to appreciate if the adaptation isn’t your thing.

Dear Richard – Just Like Fruit: I mentioned in my post all about Just Like Fruit, that this was easily my favourite song from the band and nothing has changed.

Last To Leave – Louis The Child, Caroline Ailin: I found this song after watching a Jake Kodish dance video. There’s something about the dude’s choreography that makes me fall in love with all the songs he chooses, and this was no different.

Nancy Mulligan – Ed Sheeran: I screamed really loudly when this played at his concert. Like very loudly. I didn’t expect it to come up on the setlist, but I’m so glad it did because it’s such a fun song to listen to as well as sing along to.

Flesh Without Blood – Grimes: If you don’t know about my deep love for Grimes, definitely have a read of the post I did dedicated to the girl, because she is slowly becoming a musical hero of mine. This song makes you want to move in any way possible, like I can’t sit still while listening to it, it’s just not possible.

Venus Fly – Grimes: Another song by Grimes, and this was the song that got me hooked onto her. I’ve mentioned this song in playlists time and time again and I can’t see myself not enjoying the song any time soon.

Spice Girl – Amine: Another old favourite. Definitely up there in my top five Amine songs. You’re missing out if you haven’t heard this song.

Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky, Chris Brown: This song is so stupid. But it’s so good. The lyrical content is humour hip hop, nothing serious at all, but the production of it makes it such a catchy song that I find myself listening to it, singing it, humming it or just thinking about it in my head at least once a day. It’s a little bit of an issue. I spoke about the song in my Quick Shares post, so definitely give that a read.

Let Me Down Easy – Gang Of Youths: A favourite song for 2018, easily. I saw GOY live at Let Go Fest in January, and they’ve remained on of my favourite bands, I can honestly listen to them anywhere at anytime.

Done For Me – Charlie Puth, Kehlani: Hopefully you’ve heard this song. I pray you’ve heard this song. If you haven’t check out one of my recent posts of Quick Shares, I go in depth about my love for Done For Me, and everything that’s right about this song. If you don’t have the time, just give the song a listen and I’m sure you’ll understand my obsession with it.

Either Way – K.Michelle, Chris Brown: This is a song you listen to when you need to feel absolutely great about yourself or just pump yourself up. I love this song, purely for that reason. Feeling crap? Give this song a listen and I’m my biggest hype-man.

Polygraph Eyes – YUNGBLUD: I spoke about this song in my Quick Shares post as well, but it’s such a hard-hitting song, with a really powerful and impactful message, you can’t help but feel grateful for YUNGBLUD being so blunt and upfront about the topic he sings about in this song. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat I swear.

Best Friend – Rex Orange County: Get in the car, roll down the windows and bob your head cos this is the feel good shit. I can’t help but feel happy when listening to this song, as is the usual consensus with listening to a lot of Rex Orange County’s music. It’s fool-proof.


So yes, that’s what I was listening to in the month of March. I have some exciting posts coming up, a ton of new music and photos to share, I’m probably looking forward to it a lot more than you are!


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4 thoughts on “March Tunes

  1. YES! Dark Red by Steve Lacy is my JAM! Such a brilliant song (along with ‘C U Girl’) I also listened to Moon River by Frank Ocean this March, such a beautiful song and he brings SUCH an edge to it! I love your taste so much, great playlist xx

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  2. I feel like Rex Orange County has blown up so much lately & I’m sooo happy about it, Best Friend is one of my favourites from him, it’s SO cute. I love having a little jam in the car to that one hahaha xx

    Liked by 1 person

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