Byron Files // Molly Millington

Hello everyone! Today is the first of a few posts I’m super duper keen to share with you all, my Byron Files. There aren’t many of these posts, but the ones I do have are incredible, and I can’t wait to tell you about some of the amazing artists I discovered at Byron Bay BluesFest this year.

Starting with, Molly Millington.

Molly Millington was the first act I saw on Day 2 of the festival, and it’s fair to say that she was a great start to what would be a long day.

We walked past her tent as we wondered around the grounds, and the sound of her incredible voice instantly dragged us in.

Her voice was so refreshing to listen to, and her guitar playing style as she sat on her chair was incredibly nonchalant and easy-going it was hard to dislike her. The only type I felt even slightly annoyed was when she announced she was 17, and I had a flashback to seeing Billie Eilish and feeling absolutely astounded at how young, but insanely talented they both are. Both Kate, my best friend who was at the festival with us, and I couldn’t believe this girl was younger than us, but still looked so confident and care-free up on stage, not to mention how talented she was.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 6.45.32 pm.png


We missed the start of her set, but still managed to catch some of her songs, including Lonely Together, Ain’t A Love Song, Cool Like You, Rude Boy and her final song from her recent EP, Daddy’s Got A Gun.

(All of those songs are linked to Spotify, because trust me, you’ll want to give them all a listen.)

She switched skilfully between two mic’s, infusing a ton of reverb and echo on some parts of song, which added this ambient atmosphere that absolutely filled up the tent, and her guitar was backed up by a steady bass at her feet. Not only was it an absolutely incredible set to listen to, but it was so interesting to watch Molly hold herself and all that she was in control of on stage.

My favourites were definitely Lonely Together, Rude Boy (“this is a song about rude boys, hopefully you don’t meet any”) and Daddy’s Got A Gun which features on my yearly 365 playlist for 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 6.45.05 pm


She has a definite country twang to her music, but even if that’s not your thing, which we know it always isn’t mine, you can’t help but like her music, or at least that’s me personally. I’ve found myself literally screaming the chorus of Rude Boy a couple of times since returning from Byron Bay much to my family’s dismay and Daddy’s Got A Gun is such a powerhouse of a song.

A lot of it definitely comes down to how fantastic Molly is as a songwriter. While I love her voice heaps, her lyrics are incredible; straight to the point, yet in the most poetic way possible. She doesn’t mince her words but it’s like she’s reading straight from a storybook at the same time. Her storytelling quality is out of this word, and I found myself hanging onto every single word she said and sang, much like everyone else in the tent with me. Literally any young teenage girl, at any stage of their youth, can find a song of Molly’s that just…gets you. Like I have claim of Rude Boy.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 6.45.16 pm


Definitely check out Molly’s website. Her EP, Daddy’s Got A Gun, was released last month in March, and you can find a couple more songs on her website, and her Spotify, aside from the one’s a mentioned in this post.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I definitely enjoyed sharing a bit about Molly, and how much I was obsessed with her set!




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8 thoughts on “Byron Files // Molly Millington

    • She’s such a frikin legend dude, and she’s SO NICE as well, which makes her even better, she’s so cool, and how good are her tunes? xx


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