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April has come to a close, which means it’s time for another wrap-up of my favourite tunes from this month. There’s a lot to get through, April was an amazing month for music, so let’s get into it.


THE ENTIRE HARRY STYLES’ ALBUM: If you didn’t catch my post all about it, which you should’ve so pause, have a read of it, and come back, I went to see Harry Styles live, and I was re-birthed, my sins were washed away, my skin cleared and I was born again. The man isn’t real, we’ve come to the conclusion, which means the chances of his album being literally hypnotic…is high. My appreciation for the album in it’s entirety was revitalised at the show, and in the days following the 24th night, I’ve done nothing but blast the album and lie on the floor wearing my bright yellow “TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS” merch shirt. I’m sure you sympathise with me.

Lost In Japan – Shawn Mendes: This could quite possibly be my favourite song Shawn has ever released. I have a theory that he was coming off a cold or a cough when he recorded this because I’m living for the husk in his voice in this song. I also get major Justin Timberlake vibes and I love it. The song is so groovy and I can’t help but boogie to it.

Hold Me Down – Daniel Caesar: You could probably count on one hand the amount of monthly favourites I’ve had that don’t have anything Daniel Caesar on there, and for good reason. Everything the guys has put out is magic. This is soon becoming my favourite D.Caesar song, and I listen to it nearly every day. Also, highly recommend you watch THIS video, for some choreography that makes this song ten times better. It honestly makes you hear the song in a whole new way, musically.

Olé – John Newman: had to Shazaam this song when I heard it in a little surf shop in Byron Bay, and was pleasantly surprised to see it was by Newman. He’s got a great voice but I haven’t had him on my radar or heard much from him recently, and this was such a fun find. Regardless of the fact that we’re steadily heading into winter over here in Australia, it’s a perfect beach-y summer song. It immediately puts me in a good mood.

Motivation – Benjamin Booker: If you haven’t read my second Byron File, all about Benjamin, definitely check it out. This song has been on repeat since Kate and I left the Jambalaya Tent after his set, and it’s only making my love for his rough, roots sound grow.

Daddy’s Got A Gun – Molly Millington: Along the same lines as the last song, I first heard this song, and of Molly Millington at BluesFest, and she was the first of my  Byron File series (don’t worry I have some more coming). It’s such a good song to s(cream)ing along to, and it’s the perfect blend of country, roots and pop. Punches you in the gut, this song.

Where The Wind Blows – SameTime: Again, I discovered SameTime at BluesFest and am just patiently waiting for them to blow up. They didn’t sing this song at the festival, but it’s their only song on Spotify, which I am in no way complaining about. It’s soft, gentle, riddled with magical harmonies, and the perfect song to begin your SameTime journey with. Highly recommend.

Raspberry Beret – Prince: You’re definitely sick me talking about BluesFest, so this is the last one, but getting to see Prince’s band performing his music live was a once in a lifetime experience, and this was one of those songs that never really had me hooked until I heard it live. I loved it so much during the first set we watched, and eagerly awaited for it when we watched them the second time around.

All To You – Sabrina Claudio: Sabrina is the sauce queen I swear. Nothing she’s released has been anything less than  incredible. She continues to put out the smoothest, sweetest vocal performances on all her tracks and I am infinitely jealous, this is no different.

Confidence – Ocean Alley: If you recall my post all about Tunes Of I, then it may interest you to know that they are currently touring Australia, as the opening act for these guys, Ocean Alley. Confidence has been making the rounds on Triple J and I have a right old groove every time it comes on at work.

Too Far Gone – Vince The Kid, KIAN: Another discovery courtesy of Triple J, this song has had me feeling all sorts of feelings. It’s so smooth but the rap hits you so hard, and then the vocals from KIAN are so beautiful and soft, and you kind of want to cry but you’re also bopping your head up and down while you’re listening to it and it’s an experience.

ili – TroyBoi: I had to send this out to my friends on SnapChat because it was a mind-blowing moment for me. Not only is the introduction so nostalgic and classic as heck, but you can feel the the intensity rising as it gets further and further into the song, and then you’re hit with a jaw-dropping break into the song. If you love a song that smacks you in the face, this one is for you. Note; extremely satisfying to listen to in the car at a high volume.

Campfire – Amine, Injury Reserve: My love for Amine continues to prevail this month, and he only fed it by releasing this bop. It’s kinda rude not to dance a bit to this one, PLUS the music video is all types of moods.

Smoke Too Much – JOY: This song came up as a recommendation for me on Spotify and I’m glad I gave it a chance because it’s become one of my most played songs this month. JOY’s voice is so angelic and soft, but this song has got a really decent bass line that completely transforms the feel of it.

Ring – Cardi B, Kehlani: Undoubtedly my favourite song from Invasion of Privacy, two queens collaborating on a song, specifically these two queens, was always bound to go off. I doubt anyone will ever know how much I wanted to be at Coachella seeing Kehlani crash Cardi’s set to sing this song.

Let Me – Zayn: Another legend to release some new stuff was old pal Zayn. I really like this one. It’s a lot gentler and a little less aggressive than the music he’s put out in the past, and it showcases his voice incredibly. I’m probably in love with the chorus, and I love the Indian drum line that flows through the song. It’s a good one. 100% recommend giving it a listen.

Barbie Tingz – Nicki Minaj: One of the greatest returns of the year, Nicki dropped two tracks in April, and Barbie Tingz is definitely my favourite of the two. Because I love the two ladies so much, I have to pretend that it isn’t a song literally coming for Cardi, but once I forget that, this song goes off.

Body – Sinead Harnett: I found this song on YouTube when she recorded a live performance of it for the COLOR channel. I’d never heard of the song before, despite hearing of Sinead, but I fell in love straight away. If you watch the video, let me know if you get the major Jessie J vibes, because I love the blend so much. Side-note; I just stopped in the middle of writing this post because I just got lost down a rabbit-hole of COLOR SHOW videos on YouTube for a good half an hour- have a good time.

PICK IT UP – Famous Dex, A$AP ROCKY: Can’t honestly remember how I found this song but I’m glad I did. The old school vibe with such bouncy and catching rapping, layered with the synth line that’s weaved throughout, it’s such a fun time.

Kill V. Main – Grimes: Another popular artist who seems to pop up every month for me, this song is usually hit or miss for most people. You either love it or you hate it. After watching the music video, I definitely understand how some of Grimes’ stuff can be a bit too intense and out there for some people, but I bloody love this song. Not sure if it beats Venus Fly, but it’s definitely close.

lovely – billie eilish, Khalid: This was such a long-coming duet to be honest. It was a collaboration I didn’t know I was waiting for until it was released and it seemed like the most obvious pairing in the world. They did not disappoint, and delivered one of the most poignant songs of the year so far for me, which considering their young ages, is stupid incredible.

Hello – PRETTYMUCH: The dudes released some new music recently, and besides their song Healthy, I’ve been listening to this one a ton. I love how chilled out this one is. Have a listen to both Hello and Healthy, some of the best one’s PRETTYMUCH have released in my opinion. I jam to them both far too often.

Summer Breeze – Chris Brown: This is a bop and a half. I listen to it a ton while on the train and I thoroughly enjoy blasting it through the house when no-one’s home. That’s all I really have for this one. You need to listen to it because it’s everything I’m loving about Chris Brown at the moment.

Done For Me – Charlie Puth, Kehlani: I’ve mentioned this song in my Quick Shares post, and nothing has changed. I still love this song, still obsessed with both their voices regardless of how biased I am towards Lani, and I’m still caught on the bass line. Only now I’ve infected my family since the song has made it’s way onto the radio here, and we’re all grooving to it.

Nice For What – Drake: I love this song so much. Ever since I first heard it a couple days ago I’ve been playing it non-stop. The old school vibe, the backing vocals and the music video too! Literally so many queens in one video, it’s a bit too much to handle, you have to check it out.

KOD – J. Cole: I had a hard time choosing between this song and Motiv8, but this song ultimately won out (check out Motiv8 too though). I’ve been loving this song since Cole released the album, so much. The hook is catchy as heck, and I found myself mouthing the words at all times of the day.

No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande: Another highly anticipated return, I’m not one to usually jump on whatever Ariana puts out as soon as it’s released, but I was really eager to hear what she’d provide, and boy did she provide. I can’t even pin point exactly why I love this song so much.

Anna/Medicine – Harry Styles: I had to throw these in together, just because they aren’t released yet, but I’ve watched the YouTube video with the audio and lyrics enough to be absolutely obsessed with them both, especially Medicine. Check out my post on the concert for a complete rundown.


It took a little while but we finally got to the end. I’ve been loving all these songs so much this month, but I’d love to hear what you were listening to during April! Let me know in the comments!




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9 thoughts on “April Tunes

  1. Wow, so many great tunes…As I was reading your blog, “Lost in Japan” by Shawn Mendes came up on my list of recommended videos on YT and I’ve got to say I absolutely love it. It’s such a funky and happy song and his voice sounds great it in. Also “Ring” by Cardi B ft. Kehlani sounds awesome, I had no idea that they had done a song together. Oh by the way have you heard the song, “If you let me” by Sinead Harnett, I was blown away when I watched a video in which she performed it live. Her vocal control is incredible. Ahhh yes, I actually heard about Benjamin Booker a few years ago now as he performed, “Violent Shiver” on an episode of Later with Jools Holland. I remember thinking he had so much grit in his voice and just assumed his talking voice must be similiar. It’s crazy that his talking voice is so different to his singing voice which you mentioned in your post about BluesFest. Hahahaha at some point I will get round to listening to Harry Styles’ album because I have heard it’s really good. But out of the songs he has released as singles, I think “Kiwi” is my favourite!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed so many of these!! I definitely need to listen to heaps more Sinead, I’m currently obsessing over her voice – and you HAVE to give Harry’s album a listen, sooo many good tunes on there 💗 xx


  2. Oh god SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC! Also, how bizarre – I haven’t heard John Newman’s name for ages either, but I’ll have to take a listen because I really like his music. Harry Styles has completely won me over tbh xx

    Liked by 1 person

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