Visualify – A True Blessing

Hello, hello, hello!

I have been a no-show around here for a short while in terms of posts, though you’ve probably caught me in the comments somewhere, and I have a really good reason as to why I’ve been slacking – though I’ve decided to dedicate an entirely different post to that soon.

However, today I wanted to share a website with you, that I have been on the hunt for. You may recall a post from the end of last year, where I shared my Spotify statistics for 2017, using the Spotify 2017 Wrapped feature online. It was really interesting to get an overview of my listening habits over the entirety of 2017, who I listened to the most, which songs I played on repeat, songs I may have missed and genres that I tended to move towards.

However since that post, I’ve been overtly conscious of my listening habits, the songs I listen to, the artists I invest time in, and how that reflects my actual musical interests, completely away from Spotify. It’s left me wondering how my statistics add up throughout the year, during different moods, seasons, trends and styles that I cycle through.

Enter Visualify.

I honestly felt like I’d landed on a goldmine when I found the website. Visualify gives you the opportunity to have a visual overview of your listening habits, whether that’s over the entire period you’ve used Spotify, over the last year,  or the last month. While it’s not as in depth statistically, it captures the top five songs and top five artists for whatever time period, it’s a lot more visual, obviously, than Spotify Wrapped, it looks prettier and you get some more information on specific songs and artists within a shorter time frame.

If you’ve read a couple of my last posts, namely my April Tunes, or my concert reviews for Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars, you can see a definitive reflection on my listening habits. Visualify also allows you to link and share your results, so if you’re interested, you can check out mine HERE.

I thought I’d just share with you how my music listening habits stacked up during April!


Harry Styles
Daniel Caesar
Bruno Mars


ili – TroyBoi
Kill V. Maim – Grimes
Lost In Japan – Shawn Mendes
Kiwi – Harry Styles
FRIENDS – Marshmellow, Anne Marie

Let me know if you jump onto Visualify yourself! I’d love to hear about your own listening habits and statistics, I reckon I’ll be checking in regularly throughout this year before I get my 2018 Wrapped!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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6 thoughts on “Visualify – A True Blessing

    • With every day that passes I’m convinced we’re the same person when it comes to our musical taste haha – let me know if you do, I’d love to see your results!! xx

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