Byron Files // SameTime

Hello my friends and welcome to the third Byron File!!

This post is going to be dedicated entirely to the lovely boys from SameTime, a 16 and 19 year old brother duo playing with two of their best friends, who we discovered in Byron Bay at the BluesFest music festival.



They played one of the smaller stages at the festival, and as the winners of the Busking Competition, they were given a second set all to themselves, and my family and I were keen to see them again, so made sure we were ready to see them go.

Between Tim and Sam, (holy shit I’m totally speculating but if you add an ‘e’ to the end of their names you get ‘same’ and ‘time’ like did I just crack a puzzle, is this a code that I’ve decoded, let me know) the brothers fronting the band, the vocals were incredible. Sam’s harmonies blended effortlessly with Tim’s lead vocals, but he was equally as powerful when he took over. Both had insanely smooth voices, and their songs fit the whole set perfectly. It was a good blend of fast, up-beat indie rock numbers, that had Tim and Sam on vocals, playing guitar and drums respectively, backed up by their best friends Mitch and Jordy who both confidently held their own next to the two.


Of their setlist, my favourites were definitely Because You’re Smiling and their cover of Reckless by James Reyne. I’m keenly waiting for their EP to be released so I can get a studio version of Because You’re Smiling. However, if you’re interested in hearing some live versions of both of the songs I mentioned, as well as quite a few more amazing covers, you can check out their YouTube channel.

SameTime also have a song in Spotify, Where The Wind Blowsand it’s been a staple over the past month or so since hearing it when I came back home from Byron.


While their first set as part of the Busking Competition was a smash, their second slot the following day, performing as the winners of the competition, drew a massive crowd that grew and grew with every song they sang. We had found a spot quite close to the front of the tent early on before they started, and each time I glanced behind me, the crowd had multiplied by another 20-30 people and the Delta tent rapidly filled up with people streaming in from the heat, obviously drawn in by the amazing music on stage.

One of my favourite things about SameTime that made me an instant fan was the overwhelming sense of humility that flowed from all of them. The shared looks between the boys of absolute joy at the growing crowd, the constant thanks they showered the audience with, and even Sam being candid enough to say he had honestly expected 20 people to come and see them, made their set all the more better to catch.

All their songs were catchy and lyrical magic, amazing not only to listen to, but to watch. The standing drum arrangement in front of Sam, as well as the showmanship in Tim, Mitch and Jordy on the guitar, lead and bass respectively made it a great set to watch as an audience member.


However, the absolute crowd favourite, without a doubt, was their medley at the end of their set.

It was a wild one.

The medley started and worked around You Need Me, I Don’t Need You by my man Ed Sheeran, and included an array of crowd pleasers that get everyone dancing and grinning, like Ice Ice Baby, Africa, Thrift Shop and a ton more songs.

Please keep an eye out for SameTime! I’ve linked their Instagram, Spotify and YouTube throughout this post so make sure to give them a follow so you’re first to know about any exciting stuff…like an EP…?? Definitely one of my favourite discoveries from BluesFest and I cannot wait to here more from these guys!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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