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I actually haven’t sat down and blogged, yuck I low-key hate saying that but I love it at the same time, in a hot minute, just because of how far ahead my scheduling ‘game has been. Again, ew, excuse that, I’m never saying that again.

So I thought while I have a day or two off uni (more like I have one class and I refuse to travel an hour either way into the city for a single one hour class that I definitely nearly fall asleep in anyway) I’d write up some posts for you guys. I also have an essay that I could very well start writing too, but priorities. Am I right?

Side-note; I’m also three coffees into my day, so you’ll be receiving the full affect of that in this post.

Tonight’s post is gonna be dedicated to sharing the literal ray of sunshine that is Alice Kristiansen. If you don’t know who Alice Kristiansen is, please pay attention. That was slightly aggressive but I’m passionate about this chic and the music she’s putting out into the world so I don’t regret it and I won’t be taking it back.

I first discovered her on YouTube. Kind of the unexpected avenue for Alice, considering how much her Instagram has been popping off lately, I mean, Shawn Mendes is surely trying to hit her up or something because it seems as if he’s liking her pictures and videos mere seconds after she uploads them.


Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.31.51 pm


Besides the point.

I discovered her through YouTube, thanks to, once again, Daniel Caesar. I swear, that man leads to all things good. I was listening to an acoustic guitar cover of his song Blessed and lo and behold, there on the side bar is a video of Alice covering the same song. I don’t know what made me feel inclined to check it out because as much as I attribute some of my greatest finds to YouTube recommendations, I don’t click on them all that often, but for some reason I did. Thank god.

I can’t accurately describe the honey that is embedded within her voice, specifically in that video, so to avoid embarrassing myself, the only rational thing to do is to share the video below. You’re welcome. Enjoy.

Let’s talk.

  • The vibes. The vibes are unreal and I can’t fathom how beyond incredible this video feels, let alone sounds.
  • Not only that, but how effortless is it? This song is not an easy song to sing. Trust me. I won’t attempt to prove to you how hard it is to sing, but it’s not easy and she just…does it. Like that. Kinda rude, but bless her.
  • Not sure how, but you can literally feel the emotion in her voice. It’s probably down to how little is going on in the video, but it’s still so much more emotional that 90% of YouTube covers I’ve ever watched. The amount of chill, combined with the filter, combined with her voice which is out of this world, get me emotional as heck.
  • Also, can we talk about how annoyingly symmetrical her face is? People who look this good shouldn’t be this talented, please take one and move along. Cheers.

But yeah. That video kinda had me obsessed with Alice Kristiansen for weeks on end, until I followed her on Instagram and discovered the treasure trove of short covers, aesthetic as heck pictures and videos of a gal I just wanna be, to be quite frank with you.


Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.33.51 pm


Did I mention Shawn Mendes earlier? Yeah? Well I don’t know but if something’s going on there, I’m calling it now, because after several people brought it to her attention that the dude was liking all her Instagram vids (I’m also sure that no-one needs it brought to their attention when Shawn Mendes likes their video but there were a lot of comments so Idontknow, don’t hold me accountable for my words please), only a few short days later, she posts this on YouTube.


Tell me you can’t watch this video, without turning into a literal sunflower. You can’t, and if you can, you’re lying.

The Lord is good, and if you search Alice Kristiansen on Spotify, you’re blessed with her artist page, which features not only more covers, but originals as well. Currently, my absolute favourite song is In The DarkIn The Dark and let me tell you, it’s a vibe. Not what I expected from Alice at all, especially because what I knew prior to that discovery was all that I had seen on her Instagram and YouTube, but I am loving it. The acoustic versions that are there also show the insane versatility of her voice. Have a listen.

Let me know if you listen to anything that I’ve linked or done any of your own searching for Alice, because it’s definitely worth your time. I’d love to know what you think!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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  1. This is getting freaky now, we literally are the same person. I LOVE Alice! I can’t remember how many years ago I first discovered her but it was when she started putting out her Lana covers because Lana is my favourite artist ever and not many people can cover her songs well but Alice got them to a T, she’s so enchanting. I love her whole vibe, my favourite cover she’s ever done is Telegraph Ave. by Gambino, I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I know she’s a sucker for taking her videos down so if she ever gets rid of that one I don’t know what I’ll do haha, that cover is one of my favourite things ever .xx

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    • omg nah too weird girl!! I’m not a huge fan of Lana, but Alice’s covers are literally the only way I listen to any of her music tbh, just because of how beautifully she does them! GIRL SAME! I’d probably personally DM her and just ask for her to put it back up, don’t know how I’d deal with that xx

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