Courtesy Of: My Little Sister

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Hello friends!

I’m not too sure if anyone’s gathered but I’ve been kind of sporadic in my posting recently, due to just generally being in a bit of a slump and feeling highly unmotivated to do anything. I’ve been desperately trying to think of new content to write about, and I found myself finding a ton of time in our upstairs sit-out area, staring blankly at my computer screen while my little sister blasted her music around the house.

On reflection, the answer was in front of me for several weeks, and it wasn’t until this week that I really took notice of the music was sister was listening to, how different it was to what I assumed she usually listened to, and how many throwbacks I was hearing from her room that reminded me of Year 8 Priya. So, of course, this post is going to be another Courtesy Of post, one of my favourites to share, brought to you by my little sister.

LA Devotee – Panic! At The Disco: I swear the first time I heard a P!ATD song coming from her room I nearly got whiplash from how quick I turned around. I’ve gone through several Panic! At The Disco phases where I’ve obsessed of the music for a couple of weeks, and nothing else. However, this song was never one that I loved as much as others. That hasn’t stopped her from blasting it at all hours of the day. I swear it’s a rite of passage to have a good old P!ATD binge once you start nearing the age of 14. Nonetheless, I was proud.


Youth – Shawn Mendes, Khalid: We’re no stranger to this duet here on You Should Hear, and in the weeks following it’s release I’ve included it in several posts and playlists, evidently it’s caught on.

Thnks Fr The Mmrs – Fall Out Boy: Ahh FOB. I’m currently loving my sister’s selection of songs, because it means she’s begun playing absolute classics, like this one, at ridiculously loud levels, for the entire family to enjoy.

Healing Hands – Conrad Sewell: You may not know of Conrad Sewell, but he’s an Australian singer with an incredible voice. He opened for Ed Sheeran the first time I saw him, but he took a little break. He’s recently started releasing some more music, and so far this has been the most popular one. He kinda takes it to church with this song. Give it a listen.

Death Of A Bachelor – Panic! At The Disco: This was the first P!ATD song my sister discovered, arguably one of the best, and I still love this song so much. I sing along with it, just as loud as she does and I think my family are getting sick of us singing it whenever we’re down in the kitchen.

Victorious – Panic! At The Disco: Okay, I would have appreciated some diversity but to be fair I asked for her top ten favourites at the moment, and I can obviously attest that she’s loving P!ATD.

Waves – Dean Lewis: Fun fact about my little sister, she’s very musical like me, and an amazing singer, and for her singing concert coming up, she’s singing this song. You might recall that I saw Dean Lewis live at The Howler sometime last year, and this song really kicked his career into gear, so I’m excited to see her perform it!

Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars: I don’t know if this song was sparked by seeing Bruno actually kill it in March when we went and saw him live, but she’s been jamming to this a bit, and getting highly embarrassed when I run into her room to dance to it.

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Youngblood – 5SOS: She 100% has a crush on 5 Seconds of Summer. She tries to deny but she loves it. I reckon this song got her hooked. When it was released she was singing it at home, singing it in the car, singing it at school with her friends, she honestly got me onto the song before I could get onto it myself, so there was no way this song wouldn’t be on the list.

Dope On A Rope – The Growlers: This was one of those songs that made me go ‘dang, super proud of your music taste right now’ when I heard it coming from her room. I have an inkling of a feeling that there is a slight Emma Chamberlain influence in this one, but nonetheless, it’s got my sister, and in turn the rest of us in my house, listening to some incredible music. I’ve loved this song since it was released, and I have zero problems with her playing it as much as she does.

High Hopes – Panic! At The Disco: Quick confession, never heard this song until she sent me her list, but I understand why it is on the list. It’s a bop. I definitely added it to some of my other playlists after I heard it for the first time.

So there we have it. Hopefully you had a listen to some of the songs on her list, I know I enjoyed listening to them. Let me know what you think, in the comments below. If you’d like to share your top ten favourite songs at the moment with me, even better! DM me, email me, send me a smoke signal, I’d love to hear from you!



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3 thoughts on “Courtesy Of: My Little Sister

  1. girrrrl listen to roaring 20s by panic – probably my fave off their new album, after say amen because that is the new backdrop to my summer (i aspire to be so naughty people need to pray for me…and my liver). xxx

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