Songs You Don’t Know But Should

Hello friends.

I definitely understand and deeply apologise for how condescending the title may see, but the nature of this blog lends itself pretty well.

As is with most selections of music I share on my blog, I most definitely have a Spotify playlist for this exact little collection, titled ‘songs you should probably hear‘, and you can find my Spotify account linked at the bottom of this post.

Now for the good stuff. Here’s some songs I’ve got on that playlist, that I believe, you definitely should get to know.

(Genres and styles vary)

Get Lucky (triple j Like A Version) – San Cisco
Bandaid – Two Friends
Trust Myself – Sam Perry
Acid Rain – Thomston
Until Morning – James Vickery
Boys Will Be Boys – Stella Donelly
Hey Ya – Sweater Beats, KAMAU
better days – JAIE
Cold Ice – Efjay
Slow Mover – Angie McMahon
Love No More – Astn
In The Dark – Alice Kristiansen
Lover, Where Do You Live – Highasakite
Everybody Wants To Be Famous – Superorganism
PICK IT UP – Famous Dex, A$AP Rocky
Honey (Remix) – Geoffro
My Favourite Clothes – RINI
Fifty One Cards – Soar
Get To Know – Cosmo’s Midnight, Winston Surfshirt
Dear Richard – Just Like Fruit
Moon River – Frank Ocean
How Long (Jerry Folk Remix) – Charlie Puth, Jerry Folk

Okay, I feel like surely that’s enough for one post, but if you’re keen for more, remember to check out my Spotify, linked down below, because there’s currently over 300 songs on my ‘songs you should hear’ playlist, and I can guarantee that you need to hear all of them.

Making playlists is one of my favourite things to do, but I enjoy listening to music and playlist recommendations equally as much, so if you have any songs or albums or artists or playlists you reckon I need to hear, make sure you leave them in the comments below, otherwise let me know if you had a listen to some of the songs in this list, and if you enjoyed any of them!



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