My Favourite Instrumentals

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is one that I’ve had sitting on my page for a little while, waiting to be written, and I’m finally getting down to it.

For the longest time I could only listen to so much music that didn’t have any words, but now, with the influx of amazing lo-fi hip hop, the concoction of jazz-hop (jazz and hip hop, it’s amazing 10/10 would recommend), I’ve found myself drawn towards instrumentals and amazing music that don’t have any lyrics.

I have two playlists on Spotify that have some of this music, my books playlist, which I generally use while studying, taking notes or writing up blog posts, and my toasty playlist, which is all things lo-fi hip hop and jazz, songs that sound toasty and warm.

So below, I’ve got a list of some of my favourite instrumental songs to exist at the moment. If you’re keen for more, I’ve linked both my books and my toasty playlists in this post, and you can find heaps more to have a listen to and enjoy!

unknown – fLOwTEC
by my side – Flavors, Two Sleep
Again – Wun Two
Mia & Sebastian’s Theme – Justin Hurwitz
tequila – mt. fujitive
Sahasrara – BluntOne
Albatross – Fleetwood Mac
Air – Blvk
Palms – wush
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Bethel Music
So Far To Go – J Dilla 
Flowers – The Deli
Alchemy – Willaris. K
Perfection – Floreyyyy
4Corners – DJ Grumble
When Sunny Gets Blue – McCoy Tyner
Far Away – Tomppabeats
Rain Man – Rex Orange County
5:32pm – The Deli

If you don’t listen to any of those, make sure you check out J Dilla at least, he’s one of my favourite producers, he’s made amazing beats, and his sound is iconic. That’s definitely not all of them, but if you enjoyed of those songs make sure you check out my Spotify for the rest of the playlist!




Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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13 thoughts on “My Favourite Instrumentals

  1. Yes !! More music from the queen herself, Beyonce please watch out. Instrumentals are a nice break from words sometimes, I’ve found myself getting into them a lot more lately. I will be listening to these the second I get home!! xxx

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    • Omg you gas me up so much, I don’t deserve you (but I love it and appreciate you)…I’ve loved listening to instrumentals more and more too, and it’s just finding the right kind that you’re in to I guess! Let me know if you enjoy these gal xx

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  2. On my way to check all of these out! I love love love Rain Man by Rex, such a beautiful song. Personally, I think instrumentals are veeery underrated. Music can say so, so much, even without lyrics. I think a lot of people forget that sometimes. xx

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  3. yesssss I love instrumentals so many different songs perfect for so many different things- falling asleep, studying, writing, and driving thank you for sharing(:

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  4. I love instrumentals (although – and don’t ask how this came about, I really don’t know – I tend to steer towards more classical music for them). Once of my faves is the Danse Macabre, I can listen to that back to back like 5 times. Will definitely be checking these out – jazz and hip hop combined? I’m here for it. xx

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    • Girl, Saint-Saëns is one of my fave composers – I have an entirely different playlist dedicated to classical music because I used it HEAPS during year 12!! xx


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