The Get Down

Hello my friends and welcome to another post!

This blog update is kindly brought to you by possibly one of my favourite shows of all time, one of my favourite Netflix series to ever exist, The Get Down. I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned The Get Down before, but if I haven’t until now, someone call me out please.


I first watched The Get Down in 2016, when it first came out on Netflix, with my family. That was a mistake. There were a couple of themes and conflicts brought up in the first season of the show, that even then, were a bit uncomfortable to watch in a family setting, especially with a 12 year old sister, though we soldiered on.

However, we took a small break, and though we tried to watch a few of the last episodes of Season 1 so we could jump into Season 2, we never got back into the flow, and didn’t watch it again.

That is, until literally this week, when I decided to revisit the show, and watch it again, continuing until I was finished.

Obviously, pertaining to the niche of this blog, music definitely comes in here.

It’s the premise of the entire show, narrating a time between the overlapping of the disco genre and hip hop and rapping, more specifically, the art of DJ-ing and MC-ing. It follows the story of The Get Down Brothers, a group of young MC’s; Ezekiel ‘Books’, brothers Ra-Ra, Dizzie and Boo-Boo and their MC, Shaolin Fantastic.


There’s a bunch of good shit that I could say about the show. For example, the way it captures the diversity of the Bronx, as well as the minorities and LGBT community within the New York undergrounds, especially when it comes to the nightclub scene. I could also comment on how great the casting is.

I mean, Jaden Smith as what’s heavily implied to be a LGBT graffiti artist who talks about universes, rebelling by tagging trains with alien’s in top hats? Yes please. Justice Smith, who plays Ezekiel Figuero, a young smart MC caught between pursuing the music and the talent he has controlling and writing for a crowd or furthering his education and chasing the ambitious road of Yale university, in the big city full of suits? Yes please. (Also, check him out in Jurassic World, because I sure as hell did.

A ninja warrior who pushes drugs in order to make money to fund his dreams of becoming the next Grandmaster Flash and ruling his on DJ kingdom with his wordsmith by his side, a young girl who’s trapped by her pastor, religious fanatic of a father father, singing in church because it’s the only way she gets to sing at all, carving out a name as the next Donna Summers and setting herself free, kick ass comic book intervals that depict the storyline in a way that keeps you hooked and entertained, I mean yes please.



It wouldn’t be me, if my favourite part of the entire series, was the music.

So of course, I’ve linked two of my absolute favourite songs from the entire series below, not just a Spotify link, but a YouTube video, because you have to see the songs as well. Of course I’ve also got a playlist of my favourite songs beneath those two, so I hope you thoroughly, enjoy yourself.

Welcome To The Get Down – Jaden Smith
Cadillac – Miguel
Losing Your Mind – Raury, Jaden Smith
You Can’t Hide/You Can’t Hide From Yourself – ZAYN, Teddy Pendergrass, Grandmaster Flash
Shaolin’s Theme – Malay 6LACK
Ball Of Confusion – Leon Bridges
Telepathy – Christina Aguilera, Nile Rodgers
Hum Along And Dance (Gotta Get Down) – Janelle Monae
Set Me Free – Herizen Guardiola
Zeke’s Poem – Justice Smith
‘Bout That Bank – The Get Down Brothers
Honor – DJ Cassidy, Grace, Lil Yachty

Honestly, all this show is missing, is a lil bit of Childish Gambino.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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3 thoughts on “The Get Down

  1. Well this just looks bloody great, I’m always on the lookout for new shows (I like Netflix but get bored easily), haven’t seen this on UK Netflix but I hope it’s on there!! Sounds amazing, also, we love a show full of inclusion and diversity! Yes yes yes. Though agreed – Gambino wouldn’t go a miss, right? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • You could add a sprinkle of Gambino into literally anything and I would back it till the day I died honestly. It’s such a beautiful show Chloe, like you said, so much inclusion and diversity and the music is so incredible! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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