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So on the 15th of August, Amine followed up his incredibly well received album, Good For You, with a second, ONEPOINTFIVE.

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If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know that I’m a fan. A huge Amine fan. As in, his face is the cover of my 365//2018 playlist on Spotify (check it out check it out), so I basically look at it everyday. Which made the surprise drop all the more great. I can’t remember where I was, but as soon as I saw the album was out, shared on Adam’s Instagram himself, I had to check it out. Considering I was freaking out over this album the day it was dropped along with the rest of his fans, this blog post is coming super duper late.

I love it.

Where I was loving songs like Heebiejeebies, Money, Spice Girl and Beach Boy from Good For You, ONEPOINTFIVE is delivering a whole new selection of favourites to groove to, that come along with the melodic samples and beats that I’ve come to expect from Amine.

DR. WHOEVER, the opening song of the album is probably one of my favourites. I love Amine more-so for the creative music videos, the skits and the intro’s he has on some of his songs, and this one is no different because it was an entire mood for me, that I nearly cried with laughter the first time I heard it.


REEL IT IN is another great song from this album. The beats on this album are so good, for example, REEL IT IN has this acoustic guitar that serves as the basis for the song, paired with this really deep kick drum and what genuinely sounds like a primary school recorder that pops up from time to time. It’s currently the song being championed to try and get to No. 1 and I’m all for it.

WHY? is one of my favourites. It’s not overly melodic, but the singing Amine does on his album is fantastically paired with his rapping and the overall style of the rest of the album. I’ve found myself singing the hook plenty of times around the house and in my head on the train.

SHINE is probably my favourite. It’s so easy and light, the perfect love dedication and apology in one. I love the amount of guitar used in this album, whether it’s a raw guitar or a sample of one, it all comes together beautifully, creating this sick contrast with how hard Amine goes in lyrically.


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SUGARPARENTS and RATCHET SATURN GIRL are the tunes you turn to when you want to pipe it up a bit with the pals before you head out, or you’re feeling particularly rowdy while you’ve got the day off from university and you’ve got the house to yourself…

Amine’s lyrics are some of my favourite to come from any rapper, and it’s what makes him one of my absolute favourite musicians ever. I love the pairing of how light and airy his music is sonically, and how heavy some of his lyrics are, with the sprinkling of comedy and life anecdotes. Things like mentioning how he’d react if his sister modelled Fashion Nova (same), how his dad’s upset he left home because now he has to mow the front lawn, really blunt statements like needing love, while being depressed, while being a fool, and being a mess.

Reality check type lyrics.

Let me know if Amine is down your alley, and if so, have you heard the album? If you have, I’d love to know which songs you loved in particular!



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3 thoughts on “ONEPOINTFIVE

  1. When I think of his new album the lyrics”“I thought about suicide a 100 times but I’d hate to see my momma cry” (from DR. WHOEVER) always come to mind. He puts so much raw honesty in his music and you can really feel that; from the music, to the lyrics, to his voice. Great post Priya! xx

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    • YES FIONA!! That song is one of my favourites and that line honestly made my jaw drop the first time I heard it because of how honest and open he is in this album! Glad to know you enjoyed ONEPOINTFIVE too! xx

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