August Tunes

Wow wow wow, August has come to an end, and I for one, am not mad.

While it was a fun month in regards to gigs (peep the post) and my birthday, it was a hectic month, I may have caught myself up on some Mercury retrograde as a way to explain some of the crap that was happening, and I got bowled over by university assignments I didn’t even know existed, but hey, it was a fun month.

As much as I hate the ridiculous speed with which we are hurtling towards the end of the year, the best thing about the month coming to an end, is that I get to share my favourite music with you all again. As I mentioned in my last monthly tunes, July was a good month for music, and August was pretty decent too. Here’s what I was listening to this month.

Don’t Matter To Me – Drake, Michael Jackson: I initially only listened to this song because I was keen to hear what was done to Michael’s voice. You may or may not know that I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, as has been passed down to me from my dad, and I was incredibly interested to hear how his vocals may have been manipulated, which they definitely have been. I knew straight away it was his voice, but Drake and his producers and engineers have definitely mixed and mastered his voice to make it fit the song a bit better. That said, I love the song. I love it heaps. I find myself listening to it all the time, I don’t have it in myself to skip it and I always sing MJ’s part around the house.

Younger – Ruel: Ruel is killing it. If not for the Instagram pictures with Shawn Mendes and Billie Eilish proving just how big he’s moving up, then the release of his song Younger is definitely a sign. It’s such a good song, and from someone so young, it’s a beautiful story about friendship, that I definitely recommend you give a listen. Ruel is one of Australia’s greatest exports at the moment in my humble opinion.

One More Time – Jon Bellion: If you missed my post all about Jon Bellion, what are you doing? I’ve been in love with Jon Bellion for a couple of years now, but I’ve found that over time I start finding different songs to obsess over, and this month One More Time was one of them. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been alone at home, screaming the lyrics “Screw your pops let’s get some iHop” all on my own. Also my Jon Bellion hoodie came, and despite the fact that it’s literally huge and comes down to my thighs, I love it.

Come When I Call – John Mayer: I’ve always been a fan of John Mayer. It’s been a long running relationship but I can’t say he’s one of the musicians I jump to play when I’m in charge of the AUX chord. That said, my two friends who play guitar and drums for me are huge fans, and whenever we’re driving anywhere in one of their cars, the boys can’t resist playing some of his music. Considering I was travelling with them for a gig and rehearsals and food quite a bit this month I got a good dose of John Mayer complete with the two of them screeching the guitar solos and reciting his mid song monologues word for word, and this song has wriggled it’s way onto some of my personal playlists.

All Time Low (Acoustic) – Jon Bellion: BOY. This acoustic version, may just be my favourite. At one point I thought the Run Wild acoustic was my favourite, but then I found myself really really feeling this one, especially at the end when Clarke goes off on that high harmony. Give yourself a treat, it’ll be so good for your soul, trust me.

WHY? – Amine: If you missed my Amine post, a quick review of his album ONEPOINTFIVE, maybe check it out. I nearly lost all of my shit when he dropped this with little to no warning, and I’m still obsessing over it.

SHINE – Amine: See prior song.

REEL IT IN – Amine: See last two previous songs.

Losing Your Mind – Raury, Jaden Smith: Another song that has another post you can check out. This song is from The Get Down soundtrack, and if you missed my post about the TV show, just know that it’s life changing, life altering, mind blowing stuff. Such good music, such a beautiful story, amazing cast, it’s got everything for me, and I love it so much.

Once – Maren Morris:  Honestly, since seeing Maren live when I went for Niall Horan’s concert, I’ve become a bit of fan. For such a small gal she’s a bloody powerhouse, and this song is probably one of her best in my opinion. Between this song and Rich I have all the Maren Morris songs I need to get me going through any mood that I’m in.

Leave A Light On – Tom Walker: This was a very new one for me. It came on the radio a couple days ago and at the same time both my mum and I asked the other what it was. It’s really powerful and Tom’s voice is so beautiful, which you get to hear to it’s full effect in the chorus. It’s a really hard hitting song, but gets you so emotional if you let it. Best believe I shazaam’d this song real fast.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears: A classic. An icon. An anthem for the ages. I don’t know why, but this song suddenly popped into my head at the start of the month and it has not left. It’s still there. Right now. There’s definitely a One Direction song heavily inspired by this song as well that I can’t quite figure out, so it’s a mix of nostalgia and teenage adrenaline that rushes through my blood every time I hear it.

Set Me Free – Herizen Guardiola: Another one from The Get Down, but this one is probably my favourite. Of all time. It’s a huge turning point for Herizen’s character and she genuinely flourishes and has a mini glow up over the span of this song and I felt proud as heck watching it. It’s such a funky song considering it’s meant to be a traditional gospel song, but I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

I’ll Keep My Light In My Window – Mylene Cruz & The Soul Madonnas: This song is from Season 2 of The Get Down, another by Herizen’s character, Mylene and it’s a beautiful ballad that transforms into a bop of a disco beat. If you’re down with some amazing harmonies, a church organ that gives you shivers, and a funky disco tune that makes you happy regardless of how crappy your day has been, check out this song.

Freaks and Geeks – Childish Gambino: This was a great day. This song was taken off Spotify for a little while, or at least the version I had in all my playlists, and whenever i searched for it, it never came up, and I was crushed. It’s definitely not a PG13 song, but nonetheless I have this song memorised back to front, so when I was scrolling through Donald’s Spotify page and came across this song sitting there, I nearly screamed and added it to nearly every single one of my playlists.

Jim Morrison – Jon Bellion: Another song by my man Jon. This song is the self proclaimed ‘flex’ song and I can’t find anything wrong with that description. It’s another one of my favourites, not only this month but for quite a while. You have to give this one a listen, it’s fantastic, a power song, you can’t help but feel like a legend when you listen to this song. If this song comes on while I’m walking around the city, the chances of me refusing to move out of someone’s way and interrupting my steady march increases by 200%.

sweetener – Ariana Grande: Ariana Grande, did that. This song is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard, and that’s considering I’ve listened to the rest of the album too. Okay, Pete Davidson is probably the cutest song on the album, but the entire album is a bop. She goes so hard on this album, in the sweetest way, and all the songs are such beats that literally flash in neon signs “ARIANA GRANDE IS IN LOVE”. She definitely touches on a couple of more serious topics throughout the album, but the overwhelming feeling of ‘I’m in love, here’s more than ten songs to prove it to you all’ is so there.

Because Of You – Ne-Yo: I was looking for songs to sample at the start of the month, and somehow I landed on this song. My man Ne-Yo shaped my childhood, and this song was one of them to be quite honest with you. You’d be hard to find me not singing along to this with all the passion I can muster whenever it comes on.

What Kind Of Man – Florence And The Machine: This song is the perfect definition of tension and building and the climax you spend the first entire minute of the song waiting for. It’s so good. I’m always partial to a bit of Florence And The Machine, so I was not disappointed when Triple J had this song included in their Saturday roster, because it made my 9-5 day a bit better.

Who’s Loving You – Jackson 5: I heard this song so much purely because it was on the setlist for my gig. I heard the original version, but I definitely heard The Sapphires version way more, considering it’s another song that my guitarist is obsessed with. If you haven’t watched The Sapphires, firstly, what are you doing? Secondly, I’m sorry. Such a great Australian movie, the best music, definitely check it out, 100% 10/10 would recommend.

Cool Girl – Tove Lo: Definitely not a new release or anything, but I was feeling this song this month. It’s such a no nonsense song, you gotta feel kinda powerful while listening to this song. Again, another song that makes me somewhat of a moving hazard if I’m listening to it while walking through the city.

That was it for August! Definitely listened to heaps of music this month, especially considering I decided to do a huge clean-out of my Spotify playlists during August. It was fun and I rediscovered a bunch of tunes that I love. Let me know what you were listening to in August, I’d love to know! 



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8 thoughts on “August Tunes

  1. John Mayer is the love of my life so anything with him in is an instant yes from me, Leave A Light On is played on the same Tv advertisement ALL the time (I swear I sing it in my sleep), Sweetener………..I’m deceased, to say the least. Tears For Fears will always be a jam (will EWTRTW ever go out of style?? the answer is no) and Freaks and Geeks, well, you know Gambino is always a good shout. Also, Because of You is NOSTALGIA .xx


  2. Oh my god, the same happened on my Spotify with Freaks and Geeks! I was starting to think that I didn’t know the actual title and had somehow gotten it into my head that it was called Freaks and Geeks. We love a severely confused sister! (*or do we?*) And YES YES YES to Amine! Also, I’ve been so obsessed with Drake as of late, it’s mad. I woke up the other night at like 3 am and decided that what I needed was Drake and fell asleep listening to all of his albums… this has become some sort of ritual (and I’m low-key concerned for myself) xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Omg okay v good to know it wasn’t just me! I honestly tried every different title, even spelling it different ways so God knows what actually happened! And yess Drake, I just finished recording a cover of Summer Games to put up on SoundCloud for a university class, and I’m still obsessed with the song! x

      Liked by 1 person

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