Very Specific Pt. 11

Hello friends, hello.

Welcome back to one of my favourite posts here on the blog, the very specific playlists, where I attempt to curate the perfect playlists for some of the niche-est moments of life.

Today’s playlist is one I’m sure a few of us sympathise with, and that’s a playlist of the perfect background music for studying. I don’t know about you, but if I attempt to study in silence, it doesn’t happen for me. That said, I can’t exactly have a playlist of my favourite songs on in the background because I either a) end up getting distracted and not studying at all or b) find myself writing down the lyrics as I hear them rather than my notes.

So, I’ve collected a couple of amazing songs to put on while studying, in a Spotify playlist called books, which I’ve linked for you here so you can have a listen to the rest of them.

However, here are some of my favourites.

What You Know - Two Door Cinema ClubPartition - BeyonceWe Come Running - Youngblood HawkeThe Girl Is Mine - 99 Souls ft Destiny's ChildSay My Name - ODESZANaive - The KooksOMG - Camilla

A bit of a shorter playlist this time, the Spotify playlist itself is quite small, which is unusual for me, but I love all the songs on there! I’d love to hear what you guys listen to when working or studying, let me know in the comments!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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9 thoughts on “Very Specific Pt. 11

  1. I find it impossible to listen to music whilst reading! I don’t know why because I listen to music while I’m doing EVERYTHING but for some reason I just can’t concentrate properly when I’m trying to read – I get distracted by the music though I want to immerse myself in the book. I used to listen to music when studying though, it made things a lot more bearable (because let’s be honest, who enjoys studying for an exam). A lot of people also told me they listened to classical music whilst studying too as it helped them concentrate and retain the information better, I never tried it myself but I’ve always kept it in mind!! xx

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    • When I’m reading, I have to agree, music is a no-no. Generally because like you said, it tends to split my attention, especially when I want to put all my focus on the book! Studying, on the other hand, I can’t do without music. I’ve made several different types of studying playlists over the years, and classical music was actually my first playlist for studying in Year 12!! It definitely helped me heaps! xx

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  2. I was about to comment “omg TEST SPOT! I LOVE THAT SONG” and then I saw the “thanks Fiona” and my heart melted a bit. When I study (and I know this is going to sound weird) I usually opt for one song that’s really catchy and gets me motivated. I will literally play it on repeat the entire time and have the best time studying. It’s just this weird routine I’ve made for myself. For instance, I had to research a lot for a paper and the entire time whilst researching and writing I listened to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” – I now know that song by heart😂xx

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  3. Love this! I actually have to go full tumblr-advice-post and listen to video game soundtracks on Youtube if I never to study something – anything with words or even instruments and you betcha I will be dancing round the table in ten minutes xx

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    • Thanks gal! I’ve never heard that before omg!! I usually listen to just movie soundtracks, classical music or the instrumentals on this list and the playlist, but video game soundtracks is such a good idea! x


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