Christian French

Hello and welcome to a blog post I probably should have written a while ago.

Last year I wrote a post that was an attempt to share the singer Christian French, but ended up as me promoting one of my favourite YouTubers who I discovered him through, Justin Escalona. Still a blog post that I really love, but I don’t think I gave Christian the attention I initially set out to give.

So here we are.

Christian is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Indianapolis in the USA. He’s friends with Justin Escalona, a young film-maker and YouTuber, which is how I discovered Christian, considering how often he appears in Justin’s daily vlogs.

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I remember showing my friends his song love ride, as we drove up to my best friend’s family beach house in the summer, and explaining how it was made in 24 hours, but overall driving home the point that the song is a flipping bop, and Christian’s voice is amazing. The guitar in the song is also one of my favourite parts, and I 100% stand my ability to name the song within seconds, purely based off that riff.

It’s the perfect mix of a smooth, smooth vocal that has this raspy quality to it that kinda sounds like he woke up an hour before getting in the recording studio, but I’m not mad about it.

Since releasing love ride, he’s released another three songs this year; Driftersuperstars and sweet home. sweet home only came out quite recently this year. I don’t mind any of them at all, but what they have in common is that they’re all atmospheric as heck. Christian’s lyrics, as well as the production of his songs have this quality to them that allows you to picture where you are while listening to his songs, perfectly.

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By Myself has definitely been used in one of Justin’s DAILY DOCS before, and while there isn’t a song I love as much as love rideBy Myself definitely comes close. His first song Fall For You, has over a million streams on Spotify, and his songs are constantly popping up on YouTube channels that share great music.

Personally, I’ve added quite a few of Christian’s songs to my driving playlist, and I feel like that entire vibe and feeling encompasses his music perfectly. There’s a special place in my heart for music that makes driving feel ten times better, which you already know, especially when there’s a prominent bass line. You can tell Christian’s music and production really values a decent bass line, it’s borderline dangerous how good the bottom end of his songs are.

But that said, like I mentioned before, Christian’s voice is what initially drew in my attention, when he started singing in the Daily Docs, and it’s what ties all his music together into this one cohesive storyline in my head. His songs kinda flow into one another perfectly, thanks to that bass I mentioned before, which I appreciate, and his voice.

It’s been close to a year since I discovered Christian, and now he’s touring with with Chelsea Cutler, who’s another incredible artist (listen to Water On The Bridge and try not to cry) and he’s currently killing it on tour. He’s hoping he makes his way down under sometime in the new future…

If you haven’t already since clicking on this post, maybe give Christian French a listen. Treat yourself.



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