Courtesy Of: My Mum

Hello hello! Today’s post is one that I’ve been waiting a little while to bring to you all, and that’s a Courtesy Of, brought to you by the final member of my family, my favourite human to ever exist mother. I managed to snag a quick moment with my mum when she joined me on the couch upstairs as I was scheduling up some posts, so opening up this fresh baby, I demanded her ten favourite songs and she was super duper excited to share some tunes with me.

Wait, let me check my Spotify.” 

We love a Spotify savvy queen.

Crazy – Patsy Cline: I don’t care what anyone says, this song deserves to be up there with the classics. Whenever I hear it I get violent flashbacks to waking up late on a Saturday morning, before I started working and was out of the house by 8:30, and hearing this song playing in the backyard while mum hung out the washing. It was a tradition.

Nine Million Bicycles – Katie Melua: My mum is so passionate about Katie Melua, it’s not a joke. This is probably her favourite song, and I can’t count how many times I’ve been driving with her in the car and this song comes on, and I’m forced to stay absolutely silent for the entirety of the 3:17 minutes it goes on for. That said, it’s a beautiful.

Ave Maria – Aaron Neville: Can’t say this was ever a version of the song I was familiar with, but mum’s mad about it. Apparently she loved Aaron Neville.

Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones: This one is a shared favourite. We’ve both loved Norah Jones for years, and mum definitely influenced me on that. Norah is another voice who I grew up listening to, so I’m all about her and her songs. This is definitely a favourite.

I Dreamed A Dream – Susan Boyle: Susan Boyle. An icon.

Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble: I dare you to listen to this song and not smile??? Mum’s always loved Michael Buble, she has his CD in the car that she got an op shop for 50 cents, and regardless of the fact that we hardly listen to CD’s in the car anymore, that CD never leaves.

Valerie – Amy Winehouse: This song is a song everyone knows, and for good reason. It’s a classic.

Songbird – Kenny G: We all love a good saxophone in my family and obviously Kenny G is the go-to for that.

Havana – Pentatonix: Mum loves Pentatonix. Everyone knows Mum loves Pentatonix. She has all their albums on Spotify, and while I used to hear Patsy Cline and Norah Jones on Saturday and Sunday mornings while I was younger, it’s transitioned to Pentatonix and I’m not mad about it. This song is one of the funkier ones in my opinion.

NO – Meghan Trainor: Regardless of what I think of Meghan Trainor, I can’t lie and say this song isn’t a bop. It’s such a tune musically, and you can’t help but bob your head while listening to it.

So that’s some of my mum’s favourite songs. It’s a good mix, so many songs from my childhood, and I love majority of these songs too, definitely not as much as she does though.



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