Like A Version – The Best Of

Hello friends!

Today’s post, is yet another post that consists of ya girl basically plugging all my favourite live covers and musicians.

If you’ve been here for a little while or read some of my recent posts, you’d have picked up that the hit radio station Triple J, is one of my favourite radio stations, and go-to’s for good music and live acts. A ton of the artists I recommend come up through the Triple J through rotation on the station or through winning one of their many competitions and playing some of the Triple J run festivals.

One of the much loved aspects of the Triple J universe, is the popular Like A Version sessions, where they bring incredible artists into the studio, and they put their own unique spin on some well known songs that they perform live as covers, some of which are then released on Spotify and YouTube.

There have been quite a few of these covers that end up circulating all over YouTube and Facebook and I do have a list of some of my favourites. There’s a lot of them.


Here they are.




Like I said, there are a few, and this is after I cut the original list down, twice. Hopefully you found some time to get through some if not all of the videos above, I’d love to hear which ones you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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4 thoughts on “Like A Version – The Best Of

  1. I literally have a post in my drafts right now of my favourite artist covers are u kidding ??? I was gonna post it next week girl I swear you’re psychic wtf. Anyways, Donald’s cover here is one of my favourites things ever, he just completely transforms it, I remember seeing it and being like wow, he really did that huh. Miguel…don’t get me started. His voice does something to me. What an artist. Also, Billie’s cover of Bad was the coolest, I remember when she first posted it on Insta like hey I did a thing go check it out and I was like…are you kidding, this is SO cool. These are some great picks (as always) ! xx

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    • WTF??? That’s crazy, I was originally not actually gonna post it because I wasn’t sure if it was going to make for an interesting enough post but I actually just went and posted it straight away rather than scheduling it, that’s so weird?

      Yes to all those artists you mentioned. They’re probably some of my favourites on the list, especially the Bad cover. Petit Biscuit’s is pretty recent, like I only added it the day before I posted this, but it’s quickly becoming a fave because of Bene and her vocals. Hope you enjoyed some of the other covers too!! xx

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